Compromising the Security of the American People

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Before I write anything else I just want to point out another example of how the far-left has aided and abetted terrorism. It turns out that our enemy is now using the political charade that is the NSA surveillance controversy as a means to try to get their terrorist clients released. Lawyers are arguing, for their clients, that the NSA extracted information illegally via wiretaps and surveillance. Story

General Hayden, the former head of the NSA and the current deputy Director of the Department of National Intelligence, said last week that the leak of the super-secret NSA terrorist surveillance program has really hurt national security. Today, Alberto Gonzales testified on the legality of this formerly secret program saying, "Congress and the American people are interested in two fundamental questions: Is this program necessary and is it lawful. The answer to both questions is 'yes.' The question of necessity rightly falls to our nation's military leaders, because the terrorist surveillance program is an essential element of our military campaign against Al Qaeda." He argued that the inherent powers of the President and the congressional approved Patriot Act, among other more complicated legal arguments, provide the President with powers allowing him to conduct this INTERNATIONAL spy program.

Gonzales also pointed out the fundamental mis-perception that the media and the left have disregarded in their public tirades.

"I think people who call this a 'domestic' surveillance program is doing a great disservice to this country." [
Gonzales means that this program intercepts international calls whether originating in the US or from a foreign country. It is not a domestic spy program.]

"In confronting this new and deadly enemy, President Bush promised that '[w]e will direct every resource at our command — every means of diplomacy, every tool of intelligence, every tool of law enforcement, every financial influence and every weapon of war — to the disruption of and to the defeat of the global terror network.' ...The terrorist surveillance program described by the president is one such tool and one indispensable aspect of this defense of our nation."

"Our enemy is listening and I can't help but think they're shaking their heads in amazement" that details of the secret program were leaked in the first place, he continued, and that people would actually be calling for disarmament of a program that has helped thwart attacks on U.S. soil. [Let me let you in on something Mr. Gonzales. The Democratic Party really doesn’t care about thwarting attacks nor do they care about protecting the country when it comes to an opportunity to damage the Bush Administration.] -quotes from FNC-