Corrupt UN calls for Gitmo Closure

Guardian Unlimited
A UN inquiry into conditions at Guantánamo Bay has called on Washington to shut down the prison, and says treatment of detainees in some cases amounts to torture, UN officials said yesterday.

The report also disputes the Bush administration's legal arguments for the prison, which was sited at the navy base in Cuba with the purpose of remaining outside the purview of the US courts, and says there has been insufficient legal process to decide whether detainees continued to pose a threat to the US.

During an 18-month investigation, the envoys interviewed freed prisoners, lawyers and doctors to collect information on the detainees, who have been held for the last four years without access to US judicial oversight. The envoys did not have access to the 500 prisoners who are still being held at the detention centre. [They did have access but chose not to see prisoners, so they lied]


Fact: UN Human Rights has never been inside Guantanamo Bay. [so why is their report legitimate…right, it’s not]

Fact: Al Qaeda’s handbook specifically instructs terrorists to claim torture because it aids their propaganda

Fact: Libya was the head of the UN’s Human Rights Commission. [Libya for you liberals is a major human rights violator]

Fact: This investigation was based on former detainee accounts…Hell, O.J. Simpson says he’s innocent, I guess we should take his word for it. Robert Blake and Scott Peterson both said they were innocent so I assume since they claim that to be true we should all believe it like the morons we are. --That’s just like liberals to side with terrorist detainees rather then protect their country. They [HRC] are even upset at the U.S. for force-fedding detatinees that refuse to eat. "Those evil Americans and their saving of terrorist lives, those monsters!" Personally, I think we should let the detatinees that are on a huunger strike starve to death...It's one less to worry about.

Wake me up when the UN is not anti-American, anti-Semitic and systematically corrupt…then maybe, if they actually visit the site they are investigating, I will take their phony report seriously.

The more the UN and far-left groups complain about something, the more we know how necessary and important it is. The more the HRC and MoveOn whine the more I want Guantanamo to stay active.