The Crazy Left Strikes Again

Democratic Congressmen Maurice Hinchey has accused the President of the United States of allowing Osama Bin Laden to escape in Tora Bora for the express purpose of going to war in Iraq. Yes, an elected official has actually said that President Bush refused to capture or kill Bin Laden in order to somehow use that to justify a war in Iraq.

“When the US didn’t capture Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan, it wasn’t by mistake. The only logical answer that comes to mind is they didn’t want to capture Bin Laden because if they captured Bin Laden and wiped out the Taliban, which they could have done at that moment, there would have been no justification for going to war in Iraq, and they wanted to use that as a justification for attacking Iraq.” -Maurice Hinchey-

This guy is now officially crazier than Howard “scream-machine” Dean. My favorite phrase of his quote is, “the only logical answer that comes to mind…” What?!? The only logical answer is that Bush said, forget about the Taliban and Osama, I want me oil, Yeeeeeeeehah! This guy must be the American version of George Galloway with insane rhetoric like that. Maybe in a year Hinchey will pretend to be a cat like Goerge Galloway on "Big Brother." Remember This: Galloway Pretends to be a Cat