Democrats "Betray" Their Iraq War Vet Candidate

Paul Hackett, an Iraq war vet and a democrat, was going to be a rising star for the democrats but has quit and accused Dems of “betraying” him. Rolling Stone Article

Paul Hackett, an Iraq war Veteran was double-crossed by the party that convinced him to run for an Ohio Senate seat. He has said that he will no longer be involved in politics because he was “betrayed” by leading Democrats, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer. The Iraq war critic was recruited by the left because they felt, that if they can find at least a few people that fought in Iraq to denounce the war effort, they could use that to score political points in upcoming elections. However, what Mr. Hackett didn’t realize at the time and only has now come to realize, is that the Democratic Party was only interested in him because he could be used to attack President Bush. It is reported that top Democrats strong armed him out of the Ohio race and refused to fund his campaign as promised. That led Mr. Hackett to withdrawal his name and to drop out of politics all together.

This is what
Gary Hart, a former Democratic presidential frontrunner and senator, had to say about the Democrats betraying Paul Hackett. Some of the things he writes about this situation are very similar to what I always say about the Democrats… needless to say, I enjoyed it:

“…the pressure brought on Paul Hackett, the bold Iraqi veteran, to abandon his campaign for the U.S. Senate from Ohio is deplorable. This is simply old politics at its worst.” This “is a party which hand-picks its candidates, decides who can and cannot run, directs money to the favorite candidate, and dictate terms. Telling Paul Hackett that he cannot run for the Senate, and purportedly calling contributors to dry up his funds, is the worse kind of old politics. It will drive voters away from the supposedly “open" party, the Democrats, and further add to public cynicism about how politics in America is played in the early 21st century.” -Gary Hart-