Hillary Claims Republicans are Playing the 'Fear Card'

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday accused Republicans of "playing the fear card" of terrorism to win elections and said Democrats cannot keep quiet if they want to win in November.

The New York Democrat, facing re-election this year and considered a potential White House candidate in 2008, said Republicans won the past two elections on the issue of national security and "they're doing it to us again." Breitbart.COM

Hillary says the Republican Party is playing the Fear card in terms of National Defense. This new campaign talking point from Clinton only proves her real feelings. It is a statement meant to diminish the actually threat the United States faces from Islamic Extremists. Not only is it a slap in the face of those people who died as a result of this “fear card” as Clinton describes it, but I think it is offensive to the families who have been affected by the murder of their loved ones on 9-11. Unlike Clinton, most people understand the reality in which we live. Furthermore, the Democratic Party has engaged in their own fear campaign trying to scare the American people into believing that the “evil” Bush administration is wiretapping little old ladies from Wisconsin.

All of this she said while Jimmy Carter used the honorable Coretta Scott King's funeral as a forum to attack President Bush for tracking terrorist chatter via NSA wiretaps. She said all of this while the New York Times is outraged at the Democratic Party for not “exploiting” the so-called Republican vulnerabilities. She has said this after key leaders of the Democratic Party tried and failed to obstruct the nomination of a well-qualified Supreme Court nominee. She said this after people like Ted Kennedy lied in an attempt to slander the character of Judge Samuel Alito by falsely painting him as a bigot and a racist