Jealous Much: The Media and the Left Go Ape $#@&

IS a controversy a controversy if it is fabricated for the express purpose of labeling it a controversy?

The Left has claimed Dick Cheney was drunk during the hunting accident [Lie]. The left has claimed there was some kind of conspiracy [lie] on the part of the White House that was meant to hide the story for the grand total of 20 hours. Their conspiratorial rhetoric has made it seem like this was JFK all over again.

Many in the liberal media took pathetic cheap shots at Fox News because Brit Hume had an exclusive interview with Vice-President Dick Cheney. One example is Jack Cafferty of CNN; he called the Fox News Network the “F” word network in a childish attempt to insinuate profanity. He, of course, made these claims without even watching the Hume-Cheney interview. Cafferty said in the audio provided below that, “I obviously didn’t see it [the interview] because it hasn’t been released in its entirety yet… but running over there to the ‘f’ word network-he’s not going to get any high hard ones.” Cafferty, in January as you may remember, implied that George Bush coordinated with Osama Bin Laden to release his latest propaganda tape. (
CNN Implies Bush Put Out Bin Laden Tape) So, it’s not as if this is new for CNN. My advice is to just drop it. I know you hate the Bush Administration and I know your propensity to disclose your unbridled hatred is manifested in your self-professed claim of reporting for the so-called disclosure of truth. We have seen this with the endangering of the military, the CIA, and the American people by the disclosing of vital terrorist fighting information such as CIA prisons, plane routes and the terrorists surveillance program along with the gratuitous Abu Ghraib photos.

When Harry Whittington, the man Cheney accidentally shot, held a news conference I thought to myself… “Well, it looks like the left’s hope for Whittington to die so they could use it against Cheney, is gone.” Anyway John Gibson, of Fox News, demolished Jack Cafferty for his remarks against Fox. Have a listen, it’s funny:
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