The Left Embraces Racial Profiling...Finally!

Dick Morris, the former Clinton Mastermind turned Fox News Political Analyst, has just raised the point that I thought was worth mentioning a few days ago. That point was the hypocrisy on the left in terms of this UAE port controversy. I pointed out that the opposition to this port contract was basically racial profiling and that those on the left who oppose this are engaging in a terrorist fighting method they despise. I wrote [From Putting our Ports at Risk], “This is about the likelihoods as well as racial profiling. That is what we are doing when we demand that the Administration stop this contract deal. We are using our common sense to make judgments about individuals that work for a company in the United Arab Emirates. So, whenever you hear someone on the left attack the Bush Administration over this port issue you are actually seeing something that is rarely a reality; which is they hold a coherent position on something. Although, you are also witnessing what they are best at; which is hypocrisy? They are using the “racist”, common sense approach of racial profiling that they so adamantly oppose.” Dick Morris also pointed out that Bill Clinton has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the UAE for speeches Clinton has given inside the United Arab Emirates. That means, when Hillary Clinton says something like the UAE is untrustworthy or that they are terrorist enablers, you are hearing the truth [for once] but you are also hearing her basically slam her own husband. I would be interested to know what Bill's position on this port deal would be. I have a feeling that he supports Bush on this one.

After gathering more facts about the port deal I have to say that I am still against it. I know that the United States Coast Guard and Homeland Security are still in charge of the actual port. And I know that this contract in no way puts the UAE in charge of our security. This issue has turned into a political football that has players like Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton making moves that are designed to make them look strong on terror. What upsets me the most is the fact that the same people that undermine our war effort are going to be given credibility for actively fighting this port deal. What upsets me slightly less is the port deal itself, which I believe puts our security at an unnecessary risk. Before anyone points out that I said giving Hillary and Schumer credit is worse then this port deal I will explain why. The more credibility the far-left garner from mainstream America the more likely they are to get the White House. The more likely they are to get the White House the easier it will be for them to destroy our country…so yes, that bothers me more then this UAE contract.

Oh, by the way, I have this vague recollection of the media and the left bouncing off the walls of their monkey cages about something…. What was that? I think it had something to do with some type of hunting trip or Dick Cheney. I don’t know…I guess the left stopped crying after their mommy fed them. Oh well, I guess it was a non-story.