Putting Our Ports At Risk

Port security is a main key in the defense of the United States and it seems that this Administration has made a suspect move in attempting to give port contracts to the UAE. The UAE has known terrorists connections and in fact housed some members of the 9-11 hijackings. I have commented on other websites that this contract idea is beyond ridiculous. And we all know that if Jimmy Carter supports President Bush on this contract deal then we better think twice and do the exact opposite. To me, this contract awarding seems to be a behind-the-scenes promise the Administration made to the UAE for assisting our global efforts to combat terrorism. If that is the case then it should be done with contracts that don’t involve the Homeland Security necessity of securing our ports.

Who am I to claim these UAE companies are dangerous, for all I know they are completely on the level. The companies themselves are not the issue. The issue is one person at one time with the access to allow one terrorist group one opportunity to smuggle one Weapon of Mass Destruction into a major U.S. city. This is about the likelihoods as well as racial profiling. That is what we are doing when we demand that the Administration stop this contract deal. We are using our common sense to make judgments about individuals that work for a company in the United Arab Emirates. So, whenever you hear someone on the left attack the Bush Administration over this port issue you are actually seeing something that is rarely a reality; which is they hold a coherent position on something. Although, you are also witnessing what they are best at; which is hypocrisy? They are using the “racist”, common sense approach of racial profiling that they so adamantly oppose.

House GOP Leaders Line Up Against UAE Port Deal). “Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said Tuesday he will introduce legislation to delay approval of the pending deal between Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co. and Dubai Ports World, a United Arab Emirates-owned company set to acquire P&O's contracts to operate at least six major U.S. ports.” Unlike the Democrats we try and block potential terrorists threats not try to block and slander a well-qualified Supreme Court nominee…go figure.