US Airman Shot by Police Officer

Breaking News. July 2, 2007: The Asshole officer who clearly tried to murder Airman Carrion was acquitted of all charges.

Warning. Video may be too graphic for some

March 7, 2006.
The police officer in this video has now been charged with attempted voluntary manslaughter. If you ask me it should be attempted murder. I will post a new entry later today so press the Home button at the top of the right sidebar to view that. It will be up around 4pm Mountain time. ]

A senior US airman, Elio Carrion, who just returned from Iraq, was shot in cold blood by a police officer in California. The officer commanded the airman to stand up and then for no reason shot him three times. I have watched the video and I have come to the conclusion that the Officer, who is now being investigated, purposely told Carrion to stand up simply to have an excuse to shoot him.

All I have to say is thank God someone was filming this because without the film this cop probably would get away with this attempted murder.