Weeeee, I'm Famous

As you may have heard Cindy Sheehan was invited to the State of the Union address by Rep. Lyn Woolsey a democrat. I would have figured given that Cindy just a week ago praised the dictator Hugo Chavez and in the past has said the terrorists in Iraq [the same that killed her son] are “freedom-fighters,” that no person in their right mind would invite this person to be seated with them. Luckily she was escorted out before the address started because she would have probably interrupted the event.

Obviously, most of us, understand how nutty Mrs. Sheehan comments are but I’m assuming the Democrats don’t. What was Lyn Woolsey trying to prove by bringing this woman to the State of The Union? It must have been a pressure job by Code Pink or some other anti-war group. This reminds me of when the Democrats invited the propagandists Michael Moore to sit next to Jimmy Carter at their 2004 convention. It seems the Dems are constantly associating themselves with anti-American Bush-haters. They definitely do not condemn these types of people; in fact as you have seen, they invite them to be their guests at political events.

Oh, she also said the George Bush is worse than Osama Bin Laden…Hey, I guess the Democrats agree if they refuse to condemn and actually invite her to big events.

"George Bush, a few weeks ago, said “oh I don’t know, 30,000”, innocent Iraqis. Well, even if we take his estimation into consideration and say “ok, it was 30,000” ... On September 11, one of the most tragic days in American history that we will all never forget, 3,000 Americans were killed, so does that make George Bush ten times a bigger terrorist than Osama bin Laden?" -Cindy Sheehan-

The ongoing attacks against the Iraqis accounts for the thousands of people killed. It is the Islamic-Extremists or "freedom fighters" as she has described them that are killing people in Iraq. George Bush isn’t responsible for terrorism or the fact the terrorists are killing Iraqis. Once again, the far-left refuses to blame the acts of terrorism on the insurgency; instead they choose to blame President Bush.