Why Bush Should Move Condi to VP

This upcoming Presidential election depends very much on how the war in Iraq shapes itself in early to mid 2008. If Iraq is fairly stable and most US troops are out of Iraq then the Republican Party won’t have too much trouble re-winning the White House. The upcoming Iran military campaign will also play a role in the elections but the role will be a positive one for the Bush Administration and the GOP.

Many Politicos think that America is not yet ready for a female president. I would agree with that sentiment except in the case of one particular woman. She, of course, being the super-smart, super-hawk, Condoleezza Rice. Now, if the Democrats make the huge mistake of nominating Hillary Clinton to be their presidential nominee, whom they probably will, our options for the Republican nominee are wide open. The latest poll numbers show that Hillary Clinton would be soundly rejected by the American people. However, if the Democrats get smart, which is not likely to happen, and choose a moderate strong-on-defense candidate we might have more to worry about. In comes Condi Rice; She has the respect of the entire nation and can easily be seen as the first female President of the United States. Her qualifications are immaculate and her keen foreign policy intellect really can’t be matched by any Democrat. Not to mention she is African-American and when put to mainstream black America she will be able to garner a significant percentage of that voter demographic.

As the Peggy Noonan article points out, the current administration will likely want a candidate that will stick to their policy goals of Middle-East reformation. If the White House decides to replace Dick Cheney as Vice-President, like the Noonan article suggests, then I believe that President Bush will move up Condi Rice to the VP spot. This will be done to position Rice for the frontrunner spot of the 2008 presidential election. This move, if it happened, would automatically give Ms. Rice the edge in the '08 race. She would not only be the first black female Secretary of State but she would be the first black female Vice-President in history. Although, If this move happened, it would bring about the biggest left-wing and MSM attack in history. It would be the dirtiest year of politics ever witnessed by man. Condi Rice would be slandered by, not only the NAACP, but by every race-baiter the Democratic Party employs. She will be called an Aunt Jemima, which she already has been called; she will be labeled a lesbian or "man-hater" by the left because she is not married; she will be slandered yet again as being a house slave and she will be demolished by the anti-Bush media. This inevitable reality is why it's important for the GOP, mainly the White House, to give Condoleezza Rice the element of presidential stature. Once she has that element, the Democrats and the media won’t just be attacking her but they will be attacking the stature of historical African-American progress. They will fall right into the bear trap and that is why the White House should pay attention. -Article by Anthony Tafoya of Opinionnation Times-