Why CBS Skewed Its Poll Against Bush

Last Night I downloaded the PDF of the new CBS poll that was put out by the TV network yesterday. When I read the very low 34% approval rating of President Bush I automatically knew what was going on. CBS has a tendency to skew its surveys to fit with their general ideology; the ideology of Liberalism and Bush-hating. After reviewing the data it turns out that, like I suspected, CBS had targeted far more democrats in the survey than Republicans. [Dems: 409, Republicans: 272].

You might wonder why CBS would not balance the survey in order to get the most accurate information. Well, the answer is quite simple and involves political calculation. On their website and in their news report they wanted to create an over-dramatized sense of what the UAE port controversy has contributed to Bush’s low numbers. What CBS has realized, like most left-wing political outfits, is that this UAE port controversy is the only issue the Democratic Party can use to make it seem like they are strong on national Defense. So, like any good arm of the Liberal ideology would do, CBS manipulated a poll result in order to aid the Democratic Party’s attempt to move to the right of the President on National Security. It is a very smart move on the part of the the news media. I wonder if this has happened before with CBS News. Maybe, just maybe, using phony National Guard Documents to try and influence the election in favor of John Kerry is another example of how CBS is more of a political activist group rather than a news outlet.

(CBS News) "The latest CBS News poll finds President Bush's approval rating has fallen to an all-time low of 34 percent, while pessimism about the Iraq war has risen to a new high. Americans are also overwhelmingly opposed to the Bush-backed deal giving a Dubai-owned company operational control over six major ports... now it turns out the Coast Guard had concerns about the ports deal, a disclosure that is no doubt troubling to a president who assured Americans there was no security risk from the deal."

This is my favorite line in the CBS article:

“Mr. Bush's overall job rating has fallen to 34 percent, down from 42 percent last month. Fifty-nine percent disapprove of the job the president is doing.” It’s only at 34% because they skewed the poll results to make it look like his rating was at 34 points. Isn't it just wonderful how the unbiased reporting of the main-stream-media has provided us with...ah, never mind. [CBS Poll Report]. Point of Fact: The average approval rating for President Bush in the month of February is 41.1%. The one poll that has Bush at 34% is CBS. –Polling Report-