Absent Outrage For Teacher Brainwasher

I just had a thought that has to do with the Denver high school teacher that was caught trying to indoctrinate his impressionable young students. The thought was about the response that many on the left had to this obvious abuse of power. Some people, at this site and elsewhere, simply refused to condemn Jay Bennish or sidestepped the issue altogether by bringing up the religious right, whom I don’t agree with by the way. That led me to wonder what would the reaction of the left be if Mr. Bennish was spewing religious indoctrination instead of anti-Americanism and conspiracy theories designed to justify acts of terrorism. What if, instead of Bush-bashing, Bennish gave a 20 minute rant about how Evolution is a complete fabrication and that every student must believe in Jesus Christ? would the left be using the free speech argument that they are using now? Would they be consistent in their beliefs or would they, like usual, be suddenly hit with the selective outrage disease? Each example is equally outrages but which of the two do you think liberals would condemn? They certainly haven’t condemned Mr. Bennish for indoctrinating his students and for some reason, known as the truth, I think they would go crazy if they heard a teacher was teaching certain religious theories in a geography class.

I have been to many websites that have spoken to this controversy and I have noticed that there is an interesting reaction on the part of liberals to this issue. The reaction is one of acceptance and understanding for the leftist teacher. Can you imagine the uncontrollable outrage that would have been unleashed if a teacher used his first amendment right to spread his religious dogma to 10th grade students? The entire left-wing of America would be jumping up and down in their monkey cages, screaming at the top of their lungs about how religion does not belong in school. They would literally collapse from the thought of someone using his/her freedom of speech to spread religious indoctrination. They would set up hate-mail sites specifically designed to force the school to fire and hang the person who committed the evil act of using his class to push his ideology. They would gather in their hippie-like circles of hatred and march on Washington demanding George Bush personally remove this evil man that has tested the foundation of the separation of church and State.

It is truly amazing to witness people contradict themselves and stomp on their self-proclaimed beliefs. I thought liberalism was supposed to be progressive not regressive. I thought liberalism was supposed to be open-minded. I guess when it comes to having to point out their vast ideological faults, their so called “open-mindedness” withers away just like their moral fiber withered away long ago. I guess the simple question is, why are they so afraid to condemn this teacher for indoctrinating his students. -
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