Alright! Enough is Enough. Secure the Border

Ladies and gentlemen we are seeing our country being overrun by a mob of Mexicans and it has to come to an end. This is serious for the Americans who worry about our country and its future. These people, these ILLEGAL aliens need to be rounded up at their protest sites and sent packing back to their country. I have seen enough of this flood of illegal immigration. The Constitution of the United States of America calls for the legal citizens of this country to act in the defense of the nation in the midst of a foreign invasion! And make no mistake, this is a foreign invasion. It could be said that Americans should gather arms to forcibly remove these people but I think it has not yet come to that. But if things continue to go unchanged and our policy of amnesty continues the American people will, I think have to do what is called for in the Constitution. The Minutemen project was the beginning of the outcry and it was peaceful. It will turn ugly if nothing is changed.

I demand that the National Guard and the President of the United Stated do their duty to protect this country and to enforce the law. The Constitution CALLS for the military to protect the borders of the United States of America but they have failed. Write your congressmen, your senators and the President. Demand that the borders of our country be secured for it is the duty of our leaders to do so. Urge our leaders to pass legislation that calls for the building of a wall and that substantially increases the number of Border Patrol agents. No More! We cannot sit idly by while our country and our leaders pretend there is no problem. The Democrats want the votes, the Republicans want the cheap labor; together they constitute a clear and present danger to the United States of America. What does the constitution suggest “we the people” do when our leaders refuse to do their duty? I suggest that we the people of the United States demand change and demand that our leaders uphold the Constitution. If they don’t…well, some people may have no choice but to do what is necessary.