The American Warrior

To The American Warrior

The fight is deep within the canyons of bravery that embody the spirit of the American warrior. For us to know we must see but for these men they have seen. They have seen what is hardly recognized as reality. They have seen the distinct repercussions of unfettered evil. On the battlefield of war and on the streets of their mind they witness what most of us can not comprehend. They have the talent to disregard the unpopular view because they understand the mission. They have what it takes to stare death in the face and still be ready to kick its Fuckin’ ass!

These men ensure our freedom while enduring fear, bullets, bombs, death, destruction and evil. These men have the love that surpasses all love and that love is for our country. Honor is more than a word to these people and more than an antiquated notion to believe in. Honor is that which we speak of but rarely see. These men deserve respect; they deserve better then what we can give.

War is the elemental emotion of freedom. Free to fight through day and night, in sight is right but wrong is here, the fear is clear but there is where we die to care.

-Anthony Tafoya- [ Read The Marine Response ]