And the Oscar Goes To...

As you probably know tonight is the Oscars. WOOOOO! Are you excited…OK, maybe not but aren’t you anxious to see the obnoxious Hollywoodites pretend they are foreign policy experts, I know I sure am. Oh, that great American pastime of self-congratulatory nonsense, I have missed you so. I’m not going to mention that tonight Hollywood has decided to promote terrorist understanding while pushing their beloved gay agenda…no I’m not going to mention that. However, what I will do is give my expert predictions on who will walk away with the Oscar in hand.

Best Actor- Phillip Seymour Hoffman (Capote)
I think that Hoffman really does deserve the award not only for his portrayal of Truman Capote but his outstanding roles as Dusty in “Twister” (“the suck zone”) and his performance in Along Came Polly (“Dude, no. This is serious. I just sharted”). That’s classic. If you don’t know what a shart is you might not want to know; but if you do, here is the scene. Hoffman plays Sandy and Ben Stiller plays Rueben. -
Along Came Polly-

Best Director- Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain)
Hollywood will most likely solidify its position of promoting mainstream homosexuality by handing Ang Lee the best director nod. I’m not saying he does not deserve it because I haven’t seen the movie but I am saying when the movie involves an Asian director directing a gay cowboy movie there is no stopping it from getting an Oscar. How hard is it to direct a cowboy movie anyway? You have some horse riding scenes, some cow scenes and scenes that establish a friendship between the two main characters. Not hard.

Best Movie- Crash
I watched this movie and it was truly great. I suggest anyone that's interested in racism and how it plays in to everyday life should see this movie. All I know is that if Brokeback Mountain beats out Crash for best movie, I will never ever again look to Hollywood to shape my political ideology. Their expertise in politics, economics and foreign policy just won’t do it for me anymore. I’ll then be forced to use facts and common sense to shape my beliefs…but who wants to do that?

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