AP Video: Bush and Chertoff Warned about Katrina

The left has again been enraged over Hurricane Katrina. They have, in the past, blamed George Bush for actually spawning this hurricane to specifically target and kill the black people of New Orleans. And now they have decided to use a newly released AP video to fulfill their vampire-like need for Bush-bashing blood. I suppose the mandatory evacuation Bush ordered, which state and local officials ignored, was just a phantom presidential order that meant nothing. I suppose when Bush vehemently urged the people of New Orleans to get to high ground and to evacuate the city he was just playing to the fears of those afraid of being killed due to the storm. (CNN) The president urged anyone in the storm's path "to put their own safety and the safety of their families first by moving to safe ground."

The simple fact 1300 people died is that it was a monster hurricane that people ignored because they felt, “hey, it’s not that serious it’s just another hurricane…I’ve survived them before and I’ll survive this one.” The levees broke because they were not suited to take a hurricane of that magnitude; they were not blown up like Jesse Jackson (hero to the left) said. It was a NATURAL DISASTER. It was a natural disaster that led to the deaths of 1300 hundred people and the devastation of a city. Unless the President turned into superman and single-handedly held up the levees while stretching out and plucking every person who ignored his MANDATORY evacuation, there was no stopping or preventing anything. And the argument that people were poor so they had no place to go is an argument that only points out the massive failure of the Democratic leaders that run the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana. If I’m poor and I’m told that a nuclear explosion will happen in three days, my poor ass is hitting the road. Guess what, you are on your own in this world and if you live in tornado ally and you get killed by a tornado…Then…

This new video shows us nothing and in fact only makes Michael Brown, whom the left attacked, look like he was actually on top of things. So now, if they are to use this video to quench their blood thirst, they first have to apologize for the countless times they accused “Brownie” of being incompetent and then apologize for the several hundred million times they have been wrong on the hundreds of issues that are debated in America. And then apologize for the thousand of lies the Democratic Party has used in order to attack the President and the Administration. So once that happens, and let me know when it does, I’ll take their BS seriously. Remember when the left falsely claimed that Bush caused the levees to break because he took money from the levee fund but then it was pointed out that it was actually during the Clinton Administration that the warnings about the levees were ignored.

Anyway, this video will be used to try to prove a point that really doesn’t make sense and goes against common sense. So, whenever you visit a site that has a blog up about this video and why the death and destruction is Bush’s fault, you know that they are desperate and are in fact sad puppets of misinformation and hatred.

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