Are We Supposed to take Liberals Seriously?

On many occasions, people on the political left, disregard reality simply because someone on some fringe website says something that is definitely crazy but is anti-Republican. Most of us have come to realize that people like that are so filled with hate and intolerance that they are unable to recognize when their sanity has left them and their hatred takes a hold. When that occurs we get these three main arguments.
-Bush "lied" us into war: OK, but according to the official bi-partisan investigations and reports, Bush did not “lie” us into war. So that argument is no longer relevant and is false.[
Silberman-Robb Report]
-Bush is stupid: But anyone that uses public speaking as the measure for intelligence is in fact the stupid one. And if Ivy League grades are your measure for intelligence then the candidate you [Democrats] voted for, had worse grades than President Bush did at Yale. [
Kerry's Grades vs Bush's Grades]
-The Economy is horrible: That is also false. We have a high national debt, that's true. However, the economy as a whole is doing quite well and continues to grow. [
Economy Report]

Those are the three main arguments we hear from the left. They don’t make sense according to reality but in their world of hysteria and delusions, they do make sense. No matter how many times they claim these things to be true the fact is they are not true. The reason liberals continue to use these arguments, despite their falsity, is because they are so frantic for a moral relevancy that they will disregard the truth as long as the substitute for truth allows them to feel secure in their hatred for President Bush. That’s what this is all about for them. Analyze their behavior and ask, why is it that many liberals support the outing of CIA secrets (CIA plane routes and prison locations) which endangers many people yet condemn the outing of one “agent” Valerie Plame that endangers no one. The answer is simple. One of those had the potential to hurt the Administration and the other definitely had the potential to hurt the CIA and the Military. With that in mind the choice for these people became quite simple. They basically said, “forget about hurting the CIA and the military and focus on the one that could hurt President Bush.” This type of behavior is seen with many issues and their pattern is always the same. Another example is the teacher that was caught red-handed indoctrinating his students. The left was more upset at the 10th grade student for recording his teacher than then they were at the teacher who was indoctrinating his students with leftist propaganda.

And Yesterday the
Daily Kos clown had this to say in an interview on CNN. “We [the left] don’t have a partisan liberal media they [the right] have a very partisan conservative media...The right wing has this vast right-wing conspiracy.” When asked, "Do you believe the MSM are too easy in the coverage of President Bush", this was his response: “Oh, absolutely, there’s no doubt about it.” So, the media is conservative and way too easy on Bush. I guess in his mind that is all true. [WMV or MP4 Video of Interview via ETL]