Blair: Anti-Americanism is Madness

Tony Blair gave a speech in Australia in which he called the Anti-Americanism in Europe madness. "But the strain of, frankly, anti-American feeling in parts of European and world politics is madness when set against the long-term interests of the world we believe in…The danger with America today is not that they are too much involved. The danger is they decide to pull up the drawbridge and disengage. We need them involved. We want them engaged...The reality is that none of the problems that press in on us can be resolved or even contemplated without them...Our task is to ensure that with them we do not limit the agenda to security. If our security lies in our values, and our values are about justice and fairness as well as freedom from fear, then the agenda must be more than security and the alliance include more than America." [The Guardian]

I agree 100% with Tony Blair’s assessment of Europe and their anti-Americanism. I think the genesis of this “madness” is rooted in the European Media. I watch BBC World, I read European newspapers, and there is one thing nearly all of them have in common. That commonality happens to be a deep seeded resentment of our culture and our stance in the world. You can tell, by their reporting and the lapses of restraint when it comes to bashing America or skewing news reports, that they dislike the United States. It is quite evident, at least to me, that the agenda of the European media, in general, is to try to bring America figuratively to its knees. It is almost as if it they are saying, “Yeah, you’re America but we're Europe and we have a long storied history, so there”. I hesitate to use the word jealousy to describe their attitude but it could very well be the reason.

I also feel that because there is no real superpower besides the United States, Europe has no one to hate. The Nazis were defeated, the Soviet Union collapsed and so the only way they can release their frustration is to use America as the scapegoat. Have you noticed that? For some odd reason, we are to blame for the world’s trouble. We are the reason terrorist are killing innocent people in Iraq, not the actual perpetrators. Al Qaeda is only killing people in Iraq because they wish to free the Middle East from the clutches of America. It is not because they are grasping for control of the Middle East and wish to spread the caliphate. They claim we are the bad guy when countries like France and Russia were in the back pocket of Saddam Hussein. Global Warming is America’s fault because we refused to sign the ridiculous Kyoto agreement. It's all our fault...we did it.