Bush Censure Stalls While Feingold Runs Away

You might have heard about the Democratic Senator who proposed President Bush be censured for [efficiently] tracking suspected terrorists and their phone calls. It’s bad enough that someone disagrees with the president for tracking members of Al Qaeda but now people want to condemn the man for doing his job. The liberal outrage meter must read something like this. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being “not at all outrages” and 10 being “extremely outrages”, liberals rate: Indoctrination of students- (1); comparing the US military to the forces of Stalin and Hitler- (1.5); The outing of secret CIA prisons and plane routes endangering the CIA and the American people- (3); The UN aiding Saddam Hussein and raping underage African girls- (4); but tracking suspected terrorists via the NSA...that gets a (10). At least we know they keep their priorities in order.

Anyway, Russ Feingold the Wisconsin senator that has introduced the proposal to censure President Bush, really gave us a look at how cowardly people like him can be. Yesterday, Feingold gave a thirty-minute introduction to his proposal but when Arlen Specter (R- PA) wished to debate him on the merits, or lack their of, Feingold literally ran away and hid. He scurried away amid calls for him to return to the senate floor by Mr. Specter. I suspect he was afraid of being made a fool of, although he did a great job of that himself. I don’t blame him because I think everyone knows that this censure proposal is more ridiculous than the talk of impeachment that the Democrats finally realized wasn’t going to fly. This is just another example of how their party has no ideas other than to desperately attack President Bush and propose phony censure motions. The closest the Dems will ever come to impeaching GW is through a
New Jersey high school. [ETL has the Video of Feingold]

Do you know what this reminds me of? Remember, during the beginning of the war in Iraq and near the 2004 presidential elections, when the Democrats used the threat of a military draft as a fear-mongering technique to scare voters? And do you remember who it was that actually proposed a draft? It wasn’t Mr. Bush or Donald Rumsfeld…no, it was Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel. They used a military draft proposal (
made by a liberal) to drum up fears that the Bush Administration was going to steal America’s children and force them to fight in Iraq. Isn’t that the Democratic Party we just know and love? I wasn’t going to write about this call for a censure because it was beyond stupid and many Democrats have distanced themselves from it. However, since Russ Feingold has refused to debate his own proposal I felt that it was important to point out why he has issued the proposal in the first place. He is making his bid to the far-left political groups, which literally own the party, in order to stake out a position for the upcoming 2008 presidential election. The far-left, which reason escaped long ago, has demanded that their employees (the Democratic Party) try to impeach President Bush. That is out of the question for most Dems because they know how frivolous the attempt would be and they know it's political suicide. Given that, MoveOn and other activist groups have realized that the impeachment thing will never happen so they were forced to support another desperate move…censure. It’s kind of sad, huh. It’s almost as sad as Air America and its inevitable collapse due to the fact that they have to actually pay radio stations to put their filth on the air.