Bye Bye Dubai Makes The Democrats Cry

Well, once again the Republican Party outmaneuvers the Democratic Party. John Warner R-VA., Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, negotiated through the night with the UAE Company looking to take control of some port operations within the United States. This port deal sparked a huge backlash against President Bush on the part of many Republicans, including me. The firestorm led to speculation that the GOP was in disarray and that many GOP leaders were distancing themselves from the President. However, the quick and efficient work of John Warner and other Senate Republicans threw salt on the fire and got the necessary job done. John Warner gave a surprising announcement yesterday that the UAE was indeed pulling its bid for the port takeover. This maneuver was no doubt ingenious on the part of Warner in that it provides a sense of relief for the American people and at the same time, it prevents the looming showdown between the President and members of the Senate.

As you might have guessed the Democratic Party was upset at the fact that DP World pulled out of the deal. They have been using this issue to gain traction and strengthen their horrendously weak stance on National Security. It’s not that they really wanted to protect the ports as much as they wished to use this hyped controversy as a launching ground that would have, in their hopes, propelled them to the right of the Administration on National Security. Remember, I pointed out that CBS negatively skewed an opinion poll against Bush in order to over-dramatize the affect this controversy was having on the President’s poll numbers. CBS tried and was caught aiding the Democratic Party in their effort to jump to the right of the President. It would have been a brilliant move on the part of the political activist group…if they wouldn’t have gotten caught. --
CBS Skewed Poll--

Yesterday the Dems were blind-sided with the news that DP World pulled its bid, so Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer decided to hold a press conference to weigh in on the decision [meaning attack Bush]. In a classic ironic moment, the disorganized and overly-contempt Democrats, held their press conference reacting to the UAE withdrawal at the same time President Bush was signing the historic Patriot Act renewal legislation. The Senate Democrats were cut off by all of the cable news networks about one minute into their press conference…it was very funny. However, right before they were cut off, Harry Reid in a desperate attempt to keep the controversy alive demanded that there be an up-or-down vote preventing the already non-deal from happening. You might remember when the Dems miserably failed at trying to use the GOP line of an “up-or-down vote” for Harriet Miers after she withdrew her nomination to the Supreme Court. They could not comprehend that when someone withdraws their name from the nomination process, there is no vote. They did it again yesterday, like school children saying, “Well you did it so why can’t we do it”. What they really had in mind was to use the port vote, that is no longer necessary, in campaign commercials for the mid-term elections. But now that the Republicans, once again, beat them to the punch their bitterness has just increased five-fold. Now the democrats have no legitimate vote that they can point to saying we are tough on terror. With no positions or moral-fiber the Democrats are once again forced to use smear and hate-filled attacks on President Bush. We saw how well that worked for them last time.