Clooney To Democrats: "F*ck You!"

George Clooney has denounced those Democrats who voted for the war in Iraq. He claims that they were cowards and afraid to be called unpatriotic. "Just look at the way so many Democrats caved in the run up to the war. In 2003, a lot of us were saying, where is the link between Saddam and bin Laden? What does Iraq have to do with 9/11? We knew it was bullshit. Which is why it drives me crazy to hear all these Democrats saying, 'We were misled.' It makes me want to shout, 'Fuck you, you weren't misled.' You were afraid of being called unpatriotic." Hey, I’m proud of Clooney, although he is only half-right. It is true, the Democrats did not vote for the war because they were misled. However, he is wrong to say that they voted for the war because they were afraid of being called unpatriotic. Those who supported the war in Iraq did so because they wanted to remove Saddam Hussein. Most Senate Democrats agreed 100% with George Bush and still do. They all wanted regime change in Iraq and when the opportunity presented itself they [Democrats] did what they felt was right. It’s that simple. The reason I have problems with the Democrat Party is because they all wanted regime change but when the insurgency grew and when we bacame bogged down, they began to lie and say that this war was "George Bush’s war". [Huffington Post Article]

In the same article Clooney also equated himself and his "liberal" tag to the Civil Rights Movement and the Women Rights Movement. “Too many people run away from the label. They whisper it like you'd whisper ‘I'm a Nazi.’ Like it's dirty word. But turn away from saying ‘I'm a liberal’ and it's like you're turning away from saying that blacks should be allowed to sit in the front of the bus, that women should be able to vote and get paid the same as a man.” I’m not quite sure what Clooney was trying to say but it seems that he thinks that simply being a liberal means you are as righteous as Rosa Parks or as important as the Civil Rights Movement. Perhaps, he is saying that if you are a Republican you must be a bigot that lurks in the shadows oppressing people with whom they disagree. Normally, people are able to stop themselves from displaying their self-important mindset but sometimes you get people like Clooney who forget to keep that characteristic under wraps . To hear the actor speak you might think that Clooney was some kind of self-centered messiah that is upset that his greatness is in question. Who does this guy think he is? Once again, I will point out that it was the Republican Party that fought for Civil Rights legislation and it was the Republican Party that led the way to a more just society. “To turn away from saying I’m a liberal is like turning away from saying that blacks should be allowed to sit in the front of the bus.” Sorry Clooney, you're not Rosa Parks.