Code Pink on The O'Reilly Factor

The co-founder of the group Code Pink, Medea Benjamin, was on the O’Reilly Factor tonight displaying the idiocy that accompanies the insanity that embodies the anti-war movement. Code Pink believes that if the United States pulls out of Iraq today, the country would come together in harmony because the only reason there is violence in Iraq is the United States. They also believe that the Sunni minority would be capable of fending off the Iranian Mullahs that would undoubtedly try and take control of that country if the U.S. pulled out. She then went on to make a case for Iran having a nuclear weapon because it’s unfair that Israel, Pakistan and India have them. And when asked if Code Pink would be for preventing the Iranians from acquiring nuclear weapons she evaded answering the question by advocating that Israel and others voluntarily give up their WMD. She then claimed that instead of force the only thing needed to prevent Iran from getting the “bomb” is the so-called international community. When O’Reilly pointed out that negotiation and the international community made it possible for North Korea to acquire Nuclear Weapons, the founder of Code Pink denied the accepted fact that North Korea even has weapons. It was the most pathetic show I have ever seen and for some reason I was surprised. O’Reilly completely destroyed this lady and her naiveté with very simple questions that seemed to catch her like a deer in headlights. It was shockingly typical to see how common sense so easily flew right by this person. I will post the transcript when available.

I have trouble comprehending the fact that these completely useless groups have so many supporters. It literally disturbs me to see such ignorance and hopeless idealism be turned into a force that is capable of rallying thousands of people to repeat their moronic slogans of protest. Is there someone out there that can explain to me how it is possible for people to think they are so enlightened and yet be completely unhinged from reality that they can not even recognize how insane their positions are? Hopefully, ETL or some other video blogsite puts this interview up so I can link it for you. The interview and positions put forth by the co-founder of Code Pink were so ridiculous that they cannot be described as rational. Does anyone, other than these groups, believe that negotiation or the international community is capable of convincing Iran to stop its WMD program? If you’re reading this and you happen to trust the international community, i.e. the UN, to effectively prevent Iran from acquiring the weaponry they wish to use to destroy Israel, then you my friend have a long way to travel to reach the realm of common sense. Diplomacy only goes so far and diplomacy when put forth to countries like Iran or dictators like Kim Jong-Il, only helps them. Negotiation is IMPOSSIBLE if one side never intends to keep its word. If you are a supporter of Code Pink please wake up to reality…do the world that favor. Be against the war if you wish but please don't be agaisnt common sense.

Update, 10:00pm: ETL posted the video:ETL Video of Interview