Cynthia McKinney to be Arrested: Pulls Race Card

Cynthia McKinney, a Democrat from Georgia, has been issued an arrest warrant for assaulting a police officer on Capitol Hill. Apparently, according to eyewitnesses and video, McKinney failed to go through a security checkpoint and when stopped by a Capitol police officer doing his job, she became enraged and punched the officer in the chest. It turns out that she also failed to wear the ID badge designating her a member of Congress which led the officer to stop her and ask for ID. Charges could range from assault on a police officer, which is a felony carrying a possible five year prison term, to simple assault, which is a misdeamenor. Cynthia McKinney is best known for her outspoken rhetoric or as I like to call it, her craziness. Here are a few quotes that will better acquaint you with Congresswoman McKinney. “What is disturbing to me is that many of these pro-Israeli lawmakers sit on the House International Relations Committee despite the obvious conflict of interest…The Israeli occupation of all territories must end, including Congress.”--- “In the fight against intimidation, we stand together and we must. After all, a regime that would steal an election right before our very eyes will do anything to all of us.” --- “In November 2000, the Republicans stole from America our most precious right of all: the right to free and fair elections” As you can see, she is not exactly that sanest of individuals.

The Congresswoman happens to be African American and a Democrat. So what on earth do you think she brought up after the incident in which she assaulted a police officer? I’ll give you a hint: It wasn’t an acknowledgement of her mistake. "Sadly, there are only 14 black women Members of Congress. And surely our faces are distinguishable. But why my face is continually unrecognizable can only be answered by these offending police officers…The US Capitol Police mission statement makes no distinction about selective application of its mission depending upon whether a Member of Congress is black, woman, or has a new hairstyle.” Yes, she pulled the race card after she attacked the police officer for doing his job. What a strategy…Blame President Bush or pull the race card. I guess the charge from republicans that the Democrats don’t have a strategy is wrong. They do have a plan. That plan is to use the Bush-blame-race-card strategy that has been perfected by the likes of Jesse Jackson. Her lawyer has claimed that, she was "just a victim of being in Congress while black." Check Please!

Update, 4:30pm: McKinney Claims Racism- WMV or MP4 Video Via ETL