The Daily Show gets a Wake Up Call

The Daily Show was hit with a dose of reality last night when they booked General Sada for a seven minute segment. General Sada, as you might know, was a general in the Iraqi Air Force that has written a book which shows how Saddam Hussein transported his WMD to Syria right before the U.S. led Invasion. It is the General's contention that Saddam transported his WMD via airplane. He has said that two Iraqi Boeing planes were converted into cargo planes. It took 56 trips, on these formerly civilian airliners, which were disguised as an Iraqi aid package, for the weapons to be completely smuggled to Syria. “There are weapons of mass destruction gone out from Iraq to Syria, and they must be found and returned to safe hands. I am confident they were taken over,” General Sada Claims. This also fits in with an underreported fact that Israel has been adamant that Iraq moved its weapons to Syria before the invasion. As a person who has read, “Saddam’s Bomb maker”, written by the former head of Hussein’s WMD program, and who is now reading “Saddam’s Secrets”, I have to tell you that I have almost no doubt that Hussein moved his WMD. [Iraqi General Comes Clean]

You can watch the interview (I linked it at the bottom) at Expose The Left to determine whether or not you believe a man who actually has seen Saddam’s Weapons, or if you think this man is a liar. There is no doubt that Saddam wished, at the very least, to reconstitute his weapons programs and there is no doubt that he has used such weapons. There has been conflicting reports from here or there but the least we can do, if we want to know the truth, is accept all sources of information especially those sources that actually know what went on. You can be a political partisan and disregard the General's first and second-hand accounts by claiming he is a liar or you can be open-minded. Whatever you feel comfortable doing is up to you but for me I try to be right as often as possible. Liberals tend to smash their face in the sand when it comes to having to think about something that gives credence to removing Saddam Hussein, so I really don’t expect for them to admit they have no clue about Saddam’s WMD. They would rather believe what Code Pink or MoveOn tells them to believe…it’s quite sad.

During the Sada interview I noticed that the Daily Show seemed to be wasting Sada’s time trying to avoid getting to the part where General Sada stuffs reality down the throats of the ignorant daily show audience. General Sada himself had to bring up the WMD subject towards the end of the interview. If it were an Iraqi general who claimed there was NO WMD the first thing Jon Stewart would have asked about is the WMD. Even towards the end of the interview Stewart still cringed at having to hear a view that supports President Bush's case for war. It’s Just another example of the hypocritical left and their phony outrage. But watch the video yourself and tell me if my assessment is wrong. [
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