Declassified Iraq Documents Released

(-)We know that Saddam Hussein supported terrorism. We know that he provided aid and assistance to Al Qaeda as well as other big name terrorists. (-)We know Saddam allowed terrorists to train in his former country. (-)We know he used WMD and we know that he (-)planned to gas Israel during the Gulf War. We now know that he wished to reconstitute his WMD program. (-)We know that Saddam Hussein was a brutal tyrant. (-)According to General Sada, Hussein shipped his WMD to Syria and we know that he refused to live up to the surrender agreement he signed at the end of the first gulf war. (-)We know Saddam ignored a decade of negotiation and we know that he ignored the will of the international community. We know that he also failed to step down as Iraq's president which led to him being forcibly removed. We know that he is now on trial; his sons are dead and the Iraqi people, along side American and British forces, are fighting for their freedom.

Soon, we will know more about Iraq and it's inner workings because the Pentagon has finally decided to declassify internal Iraqi documents, audio and video tapes that are crucial to understand the actual truth. Republicans have been insisting on the release of these documents for some time now because they feel it strengthens the president’s case. The refusal, thus far by the Pentagon, has been linked to the Iran issue. As most informed people know, France and Russia who are key partners in the Iran situation, were at that time actively aiding Saddam Hussein and were bribed to not only vote against a UN war resolution but to lift sanctions on Iraq which would have allowed Saddam to re-start his WMD program. It is being said that some of the documents that are going to be released might embarrass our so-called allies because the Iraqis kept detailed records of their “illegal” dealings with France and Russia. The speculation has indicated that, since we “need” France and Russia in this Iran deal, the documents were held up to avoid alienating the two countries. I say disclose the entire truth and who cares what the French think; chances are they will hang us out to dry in regards to the Iran issue anyway.

WASHINGTON -- The Bush administration Wednesday night released the first declassified documents collected by U.S. intelligence during the Iraq war, showing among other things that Saddam Hussein's regime was monitoring reports that Iraqis and Saudis were heading to Afghanistan after the Sept. 11 attacks to fight U.S. troops. The documents, the first of thousands expected to be declassified over the next several months, were released via a Pentagon Web site at the direction of National Intelligence Director John Negroponte.

Many were in Arabic - with no English translation - including one the administration said showed that Iraqi intelligence officials suspected al-Qaeda members were inside Iraq in 2002. The Pentagon Web site described that document this way: "2002 Iraqi Intelligence Correspondence concerning the presence of al-Qaeda Members in Iraq. Correspondence between IRS members on a suspicion, later confirmed, of the presence of an Al-Qaeda terrorist group. Moreover, it includes photos and names." The release of the documents, expected to continue for months, is designed to allow lawmakers and the public to investigate what documents from Saddam's regime claimed about such controversial issues as weapons of mass destruction and al-Qaeda in the period before the United States invaded Iraq in March 2003.