The Deeper Struggle: Beyond Iraq, Beyond the Violence

Does violence mean that those people who wish to be free should give up that quest and righteous goal? Can we as a country agree that Saddam Hussein’s regime was evil? Or is that too black and White for some people? Can we not agree that genocide is wrong and by wrong I mean should be stopped by all means necessary? Is this so-called global community really just a mask of the self-centered? Are we obligated by morality to curb the accomplishments of evil? Are we? Is this war in Iraq really just representative of the war within ourselves? Is it representative of the struggle between good and evil and how best to manage that struggle? If you really think about it, that is all we do. We simply attempt to manage evil with glancing acknowledgements of disapproval. We saw what happened when Europe attempted to manage Hitler and the spread of Nazism. We reaped the horrific clutching of evil that we so naively tried to ignore for reasons that were timid in nature. Timidness, when put forth to the face of Evil is easily exploitable. We cannot curb genocide with timidness or negotiation. There is no bringing back tortured souls that are piled on top of each other in mass graves.

Does being a Humanitarian mean that you ignore the plight of people with contrite acts of “good will” to prove something to yourself, or does it mean you fight to free those oppressed? A real humanitarian, in my opinion, is someone who is willing to fight and die, despite the reason, to help others. Many people have asked why Iraq, why not Iran or North Korea? My response is, so you support the removal of oppressive dictators, or is it that you are taking a contrary position because you lack the courage to take a stand. I’m not saying Iraq is going well, far from it. I’m simply saying that those of us, who expect a quick victory and a small number of casualties in the struggle between the ideology of hatred and the ideology of reformation, are doing so at the risk of losing our own country’s struggle. I, like many people, have taken a step back and asked if pulling out of Iraq is the right thing to do. Is it? Can anyone say with absolute certainty that pulling out of Iraq will lead to the best future for that country and the world? What if, on D-Day, the Allies would not have pushed through the defensive lines of Nazi Germany? And what if, at that time, we thought to ourselves that this struggle is just too costly to continue? Can we as a people afford to question our resolve when our adversaries will, at no time, question theirs?