Democrat Pleads Guilty in Steele Case

While Democrats whine about President Bush using the NSA to track terrorists without warrants, their own political operatives are illegally obtaining personal information on Republican candidates. Lauren B. Weiner, a democrat that worked for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, pled guilty to computer fraud on Friday. She illegally used Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele’s social security number to access personal financial records including credit reports. Mr. Steele is currently running for the US senate. According to the plea agreement, Weiner will avoid jail time but be required to complete 150 hours of community service. Michael Steele, according to his attorney, might file a civil lawsuit to learn more about what actually happened.

So, our friends in the Democratic Party use operatives to illegally obtain personal information without warrants. Hmm, that seems to be contradictory to their stance on the NSA tracking terrorists, which by the way is a tad more vital to American security than snooping on political opponents. As you may know Chuck Schumer is the head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and has been caught, on other occasions, using questionable tactics to raise money. You might remember I reported on how Chuck Schumer attempted to exploit the death and destruction of Hurricane Katrina by using it to raise money for him and the DSCC. Given that, I doubt that Mr. Schumer really has the credibility to make moral judgments in terms of the NSA or civil rights.

To me it seems, given that we have thousands of cameras monitoring thousands of streets across thousands of U.S. cities, the only time Democrats care about “big brother” is when it can be used to score political points. They certainly do not care about privacy when that privacy is preventing them from getting personal financial records of people they wish to smear. How much do you want to bet that nearly every major Democratic politician has someone on their staff that is employed to drag out private information that can be used against their opponents. I’m not saying that only Democrats and not Republicans employ operatives because I’m sure that the Republicans do. However, they are not the party making self-righteous claims about how un-American tracking terrorists without a warrant is. The Democrat Party are the ones that use scare tactics in terms of the “big brother” notion. How many times have we heard them claim that this technology is being used to track little old ladies or some average Joe from down the street? Chances are if that average Joe happens to be a republican candidate, the Democrats already have his personal information. Maybe now they will stop pretending they are for Civil Rights and stop undermining our efforts to fight terrorism.