Democrats Reveal National Security Plan

Democrats have released their National Security plan after five years of constant nay-saying and reckless rhetoric. As you might have guessed it’s not exactly a plan…it’s more of an idealistic outline of an already existent plan that has been implemented by the Bush administration. However, there are some details I would like to mention. Well…actually the plan has no details at all. It basically says we will do better in Iraq, catch Osama Bin-Laden and protect the ports. Well gee wiz Dems; you are going have to do better than that."The highest responsibility of government is to protect the security of every American," said Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid. "After five years of Republican incompetence, Americans have had enough. They expect and demand policies that are tough and smart." [He says this while he and his colleagues continue to undermine the war on terror at every turn].

This so-called plan is the poorest attempt to trick voters into believing something that is just not true. I’m sure they can convince some Democrats, because as we all know, they are a very gullible bunch. But what about average Americans who have become accustomed to seeing the Democratic Party fight National Security measures in a non-stop fashion. For example: Democrats opposed a border security bill. The Border Security/Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act passed the House 239-182, with 164 Democrats opposing. Democrats opposed the REAL ID Act. And Democrats opposed creation of the Department of Homeland Security. And who can forget Harry Reid jubilantly proclaiming that the democrats killed the Patriot Act. It passed the House 251-174, with 157 Democrats opposing.

This is what the Democrats have proven they want and would most likely do. Their behavior leads me to believe that they will destroy the Patriot Act, negotiate with Iran (providing them the time to finish their bomb), refuse to use coercive interrogation to save lives and outsource our security to the most corrupt organization on the planet (the UN). They would no longer efficiently track terrorists via the NSA. They would refuse to go on the offensive in this war and simply wait until there is another huge attack on America. They would release all of the captured terrorists housed in Gitmo because they believe that illegal enemy combatants, who fight for no country, deserve Geneva Convention protections (which they don’t). They would refuse to hit Al Qaeda targets if there is a small chance that one innocent terrorist sympathizer might get killed. They would dismantle our entire ability to wage this complex, and at times, morally challenging war. I really do believe that if the Democratic Party were in power, their best idea to combat terrorism would be to make milk and cookies for terrorists and beg them not to continue their jihad.