FISA Judges: NSA Wiretaps Within the Law

A panel of former Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judges yesterday told members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that President Bush did not act illegally when he created by executive order a wiretapping program conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA). "If a court refuses a FISA application and there is not sufficient time for the president to go to the court of review, the president can under executive order act unilaterally, which he is doing now," said Judge Allan Kornblum, magistrate judge of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida and an author of the 1978 FISA Act. "I think that the president would be remiss exercising his constitutional authority by giving all of that power over to a statute." [Washington Times]

Well, those Democrats that falsely claim the NSA terrorist surveillance program is illegal better explain to an author of the actual FISA act why it is that he is wrong and you are right. So what do we know about this issue? We know that high-ranking members of both parties were briefed on the program and Harry Reid admitted to that. We know that the Patriot Act gave the President the power to use all legal means to wage the war on terror; and according to the FISA judges, the NSA wiretaps are legal. So, where does that leave those Bush-haters that have tried so hard to prevent the President from doing his job of tracking suspected terrorists? I suppose an apology from them is in order…is it not? Once again, the left has shown its tendency to ignore the truth and reality in order to quench their vampire-like thirst to Bash President Bush. Once again they have been proven wrong and their desperate attempts to cling to some sort of hope for impeachment have been in vain. Isn’t it funny how they claimed that Bush lied us into the war in Iraq, yet the actual bi-partisan commission proved them wrong. Or when they claimed the economy is tanking but the actual numbers and facts proved that to be wrong as well. Or when they claimed Bush is dumb, yet for some reason he out smarts them at every turn and their own candidate (John Kerry) had worse grades then the president. Isn’t that funny? I will be waiting for all of those leftists to modify their hate-filled positions and to admit that the NSA wiretaps are in fact legal.

Most Americans support doing what is necessary to fight the war on terror. Polls have shown that most people are willing to give up some liberties for security. Most Americans want the U.S. Government to track suspected terrorists and if that means doing so without warrants due to an unnecessary hindrance, then so be it. However, the Democratic Party continues to lie and to undermine the war on terror. Their hatred and their willingness to assist our enemies by using partisan politics is outrages. When will the liberals learn?