Gitmo Detainee Gives Shocking Account

You might be uneasy hearing the following description given by an “enemy combatant” about Guantanamo Bay. Be Warned, this description might be too graphic for young readers and it might be too graphic for adults with weak-stomachs. Again, if you wish not to read this horrid account, please do not read any further. "Prisoners here are in paradise," he says. "American people are very good. Really. They give us three meals. Fruit juice and everything!" (My God, it's Just horrific!). I can't believe they would do that to him. Abdul Hakim Bukhary denies he is member of al-Qaida but acknowledges he traveled from his native Saudi Arabia to Afghanistan to fight U.S. forces, and says he met Osama bin Laden about 15 years ago while fighting in Russia. He praises his captors for running a good prison.

Once again, those evil Americans are providing illegal enemy combatants with a state of the art prison facility, Korans, three meals a day, clean housing, clean water, and fresh food…damn them! Yes, I know it’s a long cry from what Dick Durbin described as Stalin-like torture but then again I’m not a Democrat am I. The point is that some illegal treatment has gone on at these prison facilities but those cases, the .5% of cases are being dealt with through the proper legal channels and those responsible should and will be held accountable.

As For Ted Kennedy comparing the American military to Saddam Hussein, that’s just not true. “We now learn that Saddam's torture chambers reopened under new management, U.S. management”, he said. I would like for him to explain to me how that statement is true and why it is he insists on attacking the military and undermining the war. I have yet to hear one liberal explain to me why they support a party that constantly undermines our war effort. How about they just answer this very simple question. Is undermining the war on terror wrong and if so why don’t you condemn the Democrats that are doing it? Look, it’s this easy…Senator Kennedy you are absolutely wrong to slander the military because they are brave men and women who, by in large, do their job with dignity and class. Dick Durbin, slandering the military by comparing their actions to the actions of Hitler is wrong. Hitler systematically tortured and murdered MILLIONS of people; therefore your comparison is an obvious attempt to score political points. And Democrats, stop pretending like you were somehow tricked into voting for the war in Iraq and just admit you wanted to remove Saddam Hussein. Why can’t you ever tell us the truth? You see, it is very easy…