Howard Dean Lives in La La Land

After the Republican Party successfully derailed the UAE port Deal the Democrats, as predicted, became even more bitter than normal. In an attempt to take credit for the GOP’s victory, Howard Dean said this in his weekly radio address, "America had a great victory this week in the War on Terror. Key Democratic senators and representatives forced President Bush to give up the idea that six major American ports should be run by a foreign country. Republicans in Congress followed the Democrats' lead to demand the president change the policy." I somewhat agree with the first sentence of Dean’s trite attempt to make the Democratic Party look significant. His second sentence is the archetypical example of why their Party is inept in their ability to lead. Key Democratic senators did nothing except try to capitalize on a moronic port deal that the Administration should have never allowed to happen. His second sentence is a flat-out lie. At no time did the Democrats “force” President Bush to give up the idea of allowing this port deal to go through. In fact, President Bush is calling this blockage a negative occurrence that has weakened our so-called alliance with the United Arab Emirates. Dean’s last sentence is another lie because it was Republican Party leaders that took the initiative, negotiated with the company, rallied against the President, and successfully accomplished imposing the American people’s will in disallowing the UAE company from controlling certain aspects of US port operations. Talk about lying with every breath.

Howard Dean then went on to say that, “Republicans have shown a pre-9/11 mind-set when it comes to closing the gaps in our security at our ports. Democrats will continue to fight to secure our ports." Yesterday, Harry Reid tried to use the GOP tactic of calling for an up-or-down vote and now Dean used the GOP phrase of “pre-9-11 mindset”. So, the Democrats take credit for Republican victories and steal our arguments; and they’re called the party of no ideas. We called for an up-or-down vote because many Democrats were advocating immediate withdrawal from Iraq and we wanted to call their bluff. They call for an up-or-down vote for a non-deal and a former nominee…come on people, let’s get real.

Here are my tips for DNC: First, you must discontinue your attempts to undermine the war on terror. It really puts our troops and CIA operatives in danger. Secondly, you need to fire Howard Dean. He has squandered your campaign finances and has alienated the entire rational wing of the Democratic Party [Joe Lieberman]. Third, you have to grow a backbone. Start condemning the indoctrination of young students, start condemning those in your party who go to foreign Arab countries and slander America [Al gore]. Fourth, you need to come up with some ideas other than attacking President Bush. It is an old tactic and nobody, with half a brain, buys your phony outrage. Oh, and unless you want to lose the 2008 Presidential election I suggest you nominate a moderate candidate. Or you can do us a favor and nominate Hillary.