Incompetence on Iraq: Fire Rumsfeld

It is the third anniversary of the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom and so far the fight for freedom is still very bloody and very disheartening. There is no doubt that this war is not yet a success and any person that says otherwise is doing so for political reasons or is misrepresenting the truth to save face. That is not to say that there have not been successes in this war because there has been many. I define success in Iraq as such: It becomes a fairly stable country. Most of the U.S. Troops are home. We establish military bases there as well as an ally in the war on terror. I define successes in Iraq as: Establishing a government, elections, reconstruction, centralizing the enemy, killing the enemy, getting sectarian factions to negotiate, and setting the foundation of the possible beacon of choice in part of the world that really has no choice.

As most of my readers know, I am very much for the war in Iraq and the Bush Administration’s foreign policy. However, I disagree with President Bush on many issues including the way the war in Iraq has been conducted by leading members of his Administration. Left-wing ideologues who visit this site have accused me of being a Bush-apologist but that is only because they have no other way of discounting what I post, so childish name calling is their only refuge. With that being said, I will outline what I wish President Bush would do and what the man should do in regards to the Iraq situation.

First, President Bush must fire Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. This must be done because his arrogance and incompetence has caused great harm to the American servicemen and women fighting in Iraq. He has nearly caused an irreversible disaster in the strategic aspect of the war by conducting himself in a fashion that reeks of ignorance and the unwillingness to right the obvious wrong. Those responsible for ignoring General Shinseki’s troop level request did so for reasons that have to do with the “winning the hearts and minds” strategy. This strategy of limited force for fear of backlash has led to the situation we see in Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of troops were needed to successfully complete the mission and they are still needed. My suggestion is to send more troops into Iraq to specifically guard the border areas of the country. This will help prevent deadly explosives and insurgents from coming from other countries and it will allow for a more efficient training of Iraqi security forces [meaning we leave sooner]. The "hearts and mind" strategy is good in theory but what the hell is winning the hearts and mind mean when you refuse to do anything to prevent the current bloodshed. It’s insanity and I am very unappreciative of the fact that these people have yet to rectify the failed strategic guidelines that have proven to be very costly. Because Donald Rumsfeld refuses to do his duty he should be resigned from office and condemned for his poor performance in the position of Secretary of Defense. We have the potential war with Iran looming and I have lost my patience with those in the Administration that feel a change in strategy is unnecessary.

Secondly, the Administration must release all Iraqi documents in regards to United Nations corruption and the corruption of the countries that aided Saddam Hussein in his efforts to rape his country. I want these leaders exposed as the two-timing, poverty-profiteers that they are. I want all documents regarding the sales of illegal weapons sold to Saddam Hussein by France and Russia to be released and I want the United States to call for the resignation of Kofi Annan and his entire staff.

Finally, the Administration needs to be outspoken in its rhetoric in terms of why this effort is important. Quit speaking to audiences like their children and explain to them the long term strategy of Middle-East reformation. Remind them that the war in Iraq is worth the effort. I get the feeling the Administration thinks that these ad-nausea sound bytes that they call war-on terror-speeches are somehow supposed to get public opinion back on their side. Be blunt and tell the people that this effort is bloody and that America does not run away because bearded extremists are using tactics that are sickening. I truly despise most of the Democratic Party for their intense undermining of the war and their appalling lies but their calls for President Bush to fire Rumsfeld and others in his cabinet are right on the money. Don’t give the Democratic Party an opportunity to be right because they will weasel their way into the White House and…well, trust me, we can’t afford to let that happen. President Bush needs to fire Rumsfeld, take the American people serious and re-make the case for war in Iraq. Not doing so will cost more lives and jeopardize the success needed to establish the second victory [first was liberating Afghanistan] in the global struggle against terrorism. I'm growing weary of my President on this issue because of his unwillingness to do the right thing and fire people for their negligence. Forget what your advisors are pleading for you to do Mr. President and get the damn job done!
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