Jay Bennish on the Today Show

Matt Lauer tries to make excuses for the leftist teacher that was caught indoctrinating his students during a Today Show interview. Lauer lied and said, “The student’s family didn’t go to the school board…they basically shopped it around to conservative media outlets and when they finally released it to one it created an uproar.” Matt Lauer then went on to imply that jay Bennish was duped and tricked into making his outrages anti-American statements. “…and on the tape you can hear Sean Allen asking you questions that seem to be egging you on…do you feel you were set up?” Jay Bennish also tried to make the argument that a 20 minute audio tape was taken out of context. When Asked by Lauer if he understood what the controversy was about Bennish claimed that the outrage was due to the way it was presented, not the actual insanity he spewed to his students.

I’ll start with Matt Lauer’s comment in which he charged Sean Allen of basically being an agent of the right Wing. Matt Lauer and other Liberals usually can’t help themselves when it comes to trying to demonize Republicans, so they make statements in which they unwittingly prove how warped their ideological beliefs are. Think about this statement for a minute: “They basically shopped it [the audio of Bennish’s rant] around to conservative media outlets and when they finally released it to one, it created an uproar.” At face value one sees a cheap attempt to excuse Bennish’s behavior while taking a cheap shot at conservative media. But if you step back, assuming Lauer believes his own statement, and ask yourself, “Why is it that Sean Allen would be forced to shop this tape around to only conservative radio”? Think about that…Did Matt Lauer, in a Freudian-like slip, admit that the liberal media really doesn’t mind Jay Bennish indoctrinating his students with leftist propaganda? Is he saying that the only people in America who care about preventing the indoctrination of young students are Conservatives? Matt Lauer unwittingly implied that liberals, like him, see no reason for there to be a controversy about this issue. And you know what, I totally agree with his unknowing admission that people on the left, in their hearts, agree with many of the things Bennish said and in fact do not mind one iota that this teacher used his class to manipulate his student’s beliefs.

The next issue I have with this interview is how Lauer tried to ascribe ulterior motives to the 10th grade student that Bennish was trying to indoctrinate. I don’t know why he tried to downplay the outrages comments made by this teacher but I suppose it was because he felt that perhaps, if he wasn’t “egged on”, everyone would have seen how Bennish really isn’t anti-American and he was just caught up in the moment. The entire interview was basically a way for Jay Bennish and the Today Show to make excuses for the conduct of the suspended high school teacher. [
WMV Video of Interview]

Update, The Today Show Lied to Student: -mp3 audio via ETL-