The Left Attacks Student for Exposing Jay Bennish

The discontent for Sean Allen is beginning to show among some people that favor indoctrination of students. According to Stephen Elliot, a contributor to the Huffington Post, Allen should not have snitched on his teacher. “The problem is that people in power are offering you [Sean Allen] praise. There is something wrong with your governor Bill Owen. The governor of Colorado who supports you and what you have done. The governor of a state, a grown man, making public statements in support of children taping and snitching on their teachers… Do we really want to encourage secret taping of adults and then use this evidence procured by our children to persecute their teachers."
And in an ironic childish attempt to attack Sean Allen, Elliot condescendingly wrote. “And you worry, when you hear your high school teacher poisoning the young minds around you. You worry about their feeble minds. You worry they won't be able to handle what you are able to handle. So you taped your teacher and released it to the press. Your teacher has been suspended. But he was popular and you are not popular and now you also cannot return to your school. The other children want to beat you up.” [
Elliot's Huffington Post Article]

And Yesterday on Hannity & Colmes a civil Rights attorney named Michael Gross yelled at Sean Allen and tried to lecture him. When Alan Colmes posted a quote from Bennish, Michael Gross became enraged at the young student. “DID YOU HEAR THAT! Did you hear that! When you were taping him without his knowledge or permission. Did you hear him say I’m not telling you what to think…Do you know what that means…He [Allen] needs to be lectured to! He doesn’t decide what a teacher should teach!!!" [
Watch the Video via ETL]

So, the far-left is mad at the 10th grade student for taping his teacher. And believe me when I say that they are not upset because of their free-speech claim. Like I pointed out in an earlier post; if this teacher was giving a religious-right rant about how he feels Evolution is a fabricated notion, or if he read scriptures from the Bible, they would be attacking this teacher and not once would they mention free speech. So when you hear the argument of “academic freedom” being used, you know that it only counts if that freedom is used to stuff leftist propaganda down the throats of impressionable students. The real reason that they are so upset over this tape is because they can’t handle the fact that someone has recorded the indoctrination that is the mainstay of their ideological plan to change America.