Liberalism: The Mental Disorder

I have noticed lately that liberals have a way about them that is somewhat of a phenomenon. No, it’s not that they are the most hypocritical brand of Americans to ever walk on this great soil…but that's also true. Democrats in the blogosphere have a subconscious disorder that virtually compels them to ignore valid points if those points are made by someone they feel is a conservative. For Example: RightWingRightMinded had this to say on his blog in reference to the media’s reaction to Bush’s '04 re-election: --“I still remember that night. Bush was the clear winner and only one news outlet was calling it. Can you guess who? I kept flipping from ABC to CBS to NBC to CNN to MSNBC. And Fox News was the only one calling Bush the winner. The others were too busy crying and bitching in denial.”-- The first comment he received for this entry is the clearest example I can find that displays the disorder. The commenter, named Za, responded: “lol - Fake News Channel was the only one to declare it, eh? [It] must be because all those other news channels just want to destroy the American way of life. And help terrorists. I mean, that's what they really want, isn't it?”

Notice how Za used the term “Fake News Channel” in an attempt to avoid having to address the fact that nearly every news channel covering the election, even after there was no statistical chance for Kerry to win, was reluctant to admit Bush had won. He then, after the fake news comment, went on to make the argument that since some conservatives argue that the left has sacrificed national security to damage the Administration, it means anything conservatives say must be a lie.

This is why I believe he felt compelled to ignore the issue. Dismissal is the immediate response of someone who refuses to admit the truth. Furthermore, Za called it “Fake News Channel” because he feels that addressing the real issue that RWRM posted would leave him questioning why. Why is it that the major media refused to announce the winner? He would then have to admit that it was a suspect move which would, in turn, elevate Fox News and make him seem to be on the side of the right wing. So subconsciously, it was nearly impossible for Za to comment on the example of liberal bias that was placed in front of him. Browse through some of my entries and examples of this disorder will pop up in every comment section of every article you choose to view. The article below is a prime example of what this disorder leads people on the left to say.
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