The NY Times Reports Bush Did Not Lie

The New York Times has contradicted the far-left chants of “Bush lied, thousands died” in their latest report on pre-war Intel. The Times has reported that Saddam Hussein concealed the fact that he had no weapons of mass destruction from his own top military leaders. “The Iraqi dictator was so secretive and kept information so compartmentalized that his top military leaders were stunned when he told them three months before the war that he had no weapons of mass destruction, and they were demoralized because they had counted on hidden stocks of poison gas or germ weapons for the nation's defense.” This report and newly released audio tapes of Saddam Hussein indicating that he planned to reconstitute his weapons program are some of the new revelations coming to light. What the New York Times has indicated is that Saddam Hussein purposely misled the United Nations to allow for the perception that he indeed had WMD. [NY Times Article]

So, Bush did not lie and Saddam Hussein wished to reconstitute his Weapons program…what a shocker. I guess the next time I trust the radical left I better remember to just shoot myself in the face! The fact that Hussein wished to reconstitute his weapons or the fact that President Bush did not lie will be ignored because those who hate; hate for reasons only known to the psychotic. The Democrats supported this war and according to the left, they were tricked. Bill Clinton made regime change in Iraq US policy but according to the left, he didn’t really mean it. French officials were bribed to vote against going to war in Iraq (betraying the US) and the left considers them to be the country that dictates “global consensus”!!! UN employees rape African women, aided Saddam Hussein’s regime, steal money from starving children, fail to enforce every resolution it makes. The UN appoints the world’s worst human rights violators the head of their human rights organization. They are corrupt on every level yet John Kerry and the left want us to adhere to their wishes…give me a break. What world do we live in when a major American political party undermines the war on terror while praising the UN as the savior of the world? What Twilight Zone episode am I in when I have to hear Democrats claim they were misled into voting for the war; and having people actually believe that? Since when is the treason of the Democratic Party supposed to be ignored because a sect of imbeciles hate our current President. AND WHY IS IT THAT NOT ONE DEMOCRAT HAS CONDEMNED THE FACT THAT THEIR PARTY IS SELFISHLY UNDERMINING THE WAR ON TERROR. Does any Democrat reading this have the moral courage to admit the truth and condemn their party for lying with every breath and for putting our country and our military in danger? Where the hell is the outrage from you people! I will praise the first democrat that actually admits what his party is doing… yes, we are the level where these people deserve praise for admitting the truth; we really can’t expect more from them.