Peace Groups: Anti-War, Pro-Brutal Dictatorship

(AP) “Thousands of anti-war protesters took to the streets around the world Saturday, marking the third anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq with demands that coalition troops leave immediately.” Allow me to help out the peace movement. Living under a brutal tyrannical leader, mass graves, mass torture, and mass executions is not the definition of peace. I'm sorry to let you in on realty but what you claim was peace was actually one of the worst regimes in history. Why is it that these so-called peace activists never marched in the streets during the time Saddam Hussein was in power committing genocide? It seems very hypocritical for people to claim they are for human rights but at the same time be content with mass murder. “In Stockholm, about 1,000 demonstrators gathered for a rally and march to the U.S. Embassy. Protesters carried banners reading "No to U.S. warmongering" and "USA out of Iraq," while some held up a U.S. flag with the white stars replaced by dollar signs.” They are basically saying “no” to removing tyrants by force and "yes" to allowing brutal tyrants to kill their own people. Frankly, I’m not an idiot so I can’t speak to how these people come up with opinions that allow for them to be content with the status quo [tyranny, oppression and genocide] and yet be against overthrowing the Taliban and Saddam Hussein. It could be that they are naïve to the point in which they actually think that if we simply asked Saddam Hussein to stop being a dictator he would have kindly accepted the suggestion. Maybe, their hatred towards the US for removing Hussein outweighs their mild contempt for the actual crimes he committed, who knows.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for peace…when Americans aren’t being attacked and when a dictator has not used WMD on several occasions. I’m all for peace, if UN resolutions are taken seriously and if the UN was not systematically corrupt. In this world there is the ideal on one hand [fairy-tale peace-activist land] and on the other hand there’s reality. I don’t know if our brothers of peace realize that we live in a world that is full of death, destruction, evil, tyrants, corruption, genocide, starvation, and crazy Islamic-fascists that purposely kill innocent people to make political statements. True peace is a phantom ideal that only leads the weak to the slaughter. We live in a backwards world in which people literally go insane and call for beheadings and kill people because of a single political cartoon. We live in a world where people walk into a wedding ceremony with an explosive belt strapped to their waist and blow themselves up to kill people. We live in a world where idiotic protestors, in a war involving George Bush and Saddam Hussein, compare Bush to Hitler. Two leaders, one is Saddam Hussein [one of the worst dictators in history] and the other is George Bush and these morons disregard Saddam to compare Bush to Hitler. Does any anti-war nut out there see how insane that is? Why don’t these phony peace activists protest the horrid failure of the United Nations in regards to the genocide that is taking place in Africa? Oh wait, that would make too much sense…we can’t have common sense get in the way of misplaced outrage, now can we.