Russia Provided Intel to Saddam Hussein

WASHINGTON -- The Russian government provided Saddam Hussein with intelligence on U.S. military movements and plans during the opening days of the war in 2003, according to a Pentagon report released Friday.

The unclassified report does not assess the value of the information or provide details beyond citing an Iraqi document that says the battlefield intelligence was provided to Saddam through the Russian ambassador in Baghdad… Based on a captured Iraqi document - a memo to Saddam from his Ministry of Foreign Affairs, dated April 2 - Russian intelligence reported through its ambassador that the American forces were moving to cut off Baghdad from the south, east and north, with the heaviest concentration of troops in the Karbala area. It said the Americans had 12,000 troops in the area, along with 1,000 vehicles.
Russia Betrayed the U.S.]

The world claims America is the bad guy over Iraq yet Russia actively assisted the genocidal regime of Saddam Hussein by providing them with military Intel on the United States prior to the invasion. French officials were bribed and actively aided Saddam Hussein with assurances that they would veto any UN resolution that directly called for war. Imagine if France and Russia did their duty by backing the US in a resolution for war and or used their alliance with Saddam to convince him to allow unfettered access to his suspected WMD facilities. Imagine if they, France and Russia, did not assure Saddam Hussein that the United States would not send troops to Iraq without the express consent of the Security Council. If the world came together and demanded that Saddam Hussein adhere to resolution 1441 there would have been no war in Iraq. The left’s favorite dictator, other than Castro, would still be in power committing genocide. So who is the bad guy in this situation? The United States who demanded Hussein fulfill his obligations that was demanded of him by the “world community” or France and Russia who were essentially allies of Saddam Hussein; helping him steal money from Oil for Food, providing him Intelligence against the United States, and taking bribes from Hussein to lift sanctions and solidify his regime’s power? In the common sense world based on right and wrong, France and Russia would be condemned for their betrayal and labeled the bad guy. But in the leftist anti-American world, the country that removes a brutal tyrant in an attempt to reform the Middle-East is condemned. Remember, if France and Russia did their duty and used their alliance to convince Hussein to fulfill his obligation laid out in UN resolution 1441 instead of promising him a veto on a war resolution, the War in Iraq would have never taken place.