What Does the Democratic Party Stand For?

You have to remember that according to the left:
-Bush created Global Warming,
-Blew up the levees in NO to kill black people
-Plotted with Osama Bin Laden to take out the WTC
-Bush Magically tricked Democrats into voting for the war in Iraq
-Lied about WMD
-Stole the 2000 election
-Bush ordered torture
-Bush Created the Death Star in Star Wars
-Bush went to war for Halliburton
-Bush took $2.50 out of my wallet.
-Bush broke up my marriage.

I’m not quite sure what the Democratic Party stands for, and I doubt anyone can explain it to me. Yes, I know, that talking point has been used to death but the fact remains…I have no clue. I know the Democrats claim they are for lower-class America but does anyone truly believe that. Do people really think that John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, or Ted Kennedy really care about the poor. I’m a poor college student and I know for a fact they don’t care one bit about me. If I went to their mansions and said, “Hey, help me out I’m a college student in need of gas money”, they would get their security and they would kick me to the filthy curb. Ted Kennedy, while calling for tax hikes on the rich, ships his money to offshore accounts to avoid paying those taxes which in turn prevents that money from helping the poor. So, they don’t care…they just pretend and for some reason morons buy it.

The War on Terror is a prime example of why we can not trust the Democratic Party. What would they do if, God forbid, they win the White House and the Senate? Their behavior leads me to believe that they will destroy the Patriot Act, negotiate with Iran (providing them the time to finish their bomb), refuse to use coercive interrogation to save lives and outsource our security to the most corrupt organization on the planet (the UN). They would no longer efficiently track terrorists via the NSA. They would refuse to go on the offensive in this war and simply wait until there is another huge attack on America. They would release all of the captured terrorists housed in Gitmo because they believe that illegal enemy combatants, who fight for no country, deserve Geneva Convention protections (which they don’t). They would refuse to hit Al Qaeda targets if there is a small chance that one innocent terrorist sympathizer might get killed. They would dismantle our entire ability to wage this complex, and at times, morally challenging war. I really do believe that if the Democratic Party were in power, their best idea to combat terrorism would be to make milk and cookies for terrorists and beg them not to continue their jihad.

The Democrats argue that one of the reasons they should be put back in power is that there is a culture of corruption that somehow spawned itself during this Administration. Although, in actuality, the Democratic Party is just as corrupt if not more corrupt than the Republicans. It also depends on your definition of corrupt and which type of corruption is worse. To me, undermining the war on terror for political gain is far more corrupt than taking money from lobbyists; but that’s common sense so I expect those on the left feel differently. And when the Democrats mention their new slogan "culture of corruption", keep this in mind. 11 of the 13 congressmen that have been arrested since the 70’s were Democrats. -AP Story-