CIA Traitor Worked for Clinton


When I’m right…I’m right. It turns out the CIA official that illegally disclosed the location of terrorist prison facilities inside Europe worked for and was appointed by the Clinton Administration. It gets better, she was also a John Kerry supporter...hmm, coincidence? Her name is Mary McCarthy and "public records show that Ms. McCarthy contributed $2,000 in 2004 to the presidential campaign of John Kerry, the Democratic nominee." She also contributed $5,000 to the Ohio Democratic Party.

-View contribution records here PML: Select 02, 04, 06 election cycle and type in McCarthy. It is contribution # 1,511 and 1,512.

If you do not know the story: Someone in the CIA leaked, to the Washington post, information on secret US prisons that housed high-ranking terrorists. They came to be known as “black sites” and it was reported that these facilities were utilized to extract information from hardened Al Qaeda. The story became a huge controversy and claims the President Bush ordered torture was the main theme from the Democratic Party. An investigation was launched and yesterday it concluded that it was Mary McCarthy who illegally released the Intel that damaged the country. [Story]

This illegal outing was politically motivated and it caused great harm to the American people and to CIA operatives serving oversees. It specifically endangered the workers at the prison facilities and definitely aided and abetted our enemy. We are at war with global terrorism and as I said before, there is a certain sect of the media that is actively working against the United States. Many Democrats are also willing to assist our enemies for political gain and that includes current politicians. I will say it again and again and again until this outrage has seeped in the minds of the American people. Many in the Democratic Party and the media have betrayed their country simply to attack the current President of the United States.

I want this traitor arrested, charged and executed for the obvious treason she committed that was driven by political motivation. The Democratic Party should be ashamed of itself for the constant undermining of the war on terror that began with their lies about the run up to the war in Iraq. Those in office who condemned the Valerie Plame leak while at the same time condoning this act of betrayal should step down and the liberals who did the same have, once again, been proven to be the worst type of Americans in this country. I have said this and will continue to say this because the truth demands that these politicians and the media be exposed for what they are.