Clinton and Reid Blame Bush for Abortion

In a joint statement put out by senators Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid, they blamed President Bush and Republicans for the growing abortion rates in America. They claim that cuts in some health care programs have led to unwanted pregnancies with lower income individuals. “Most of these unintended pregnancies -- and the resulting abortions -- can be prevented if we eliminate the barriers that prevent women from having access to affordable and effective contraception…Ironically, those advocating the loudest for an outright ban on abortion are too often the same people who oppose prevention initiatives and instead support making contraception less accessible, particularly for low-income women who are more likely to have unplanned pregnancies…President Bush and the Republican majority in Congress have promoted budget cuts for a wide range of programs that would provide critical supports for low-income pregnant women and their children.”

It’s a typical mindset that shirks personal responsibility and places blame on outside circumstances. Because condoms and other contraceptives are so expensive, I mean that couple of dollars is for my beer, I can’t waste it. First of all, what data proves that unintended pregnancies are the result of barriers preventing women from “affordable and effective contraception?” And it’s not that expensive, unless, of course, you are referring to drugs like the morning after pill. If that’s the case then Clinton and Reid are basically saying that these people are so dumb that they are incapable of realizing that they can’t afford more expensive pregnancy prevention beforehand, and so it’s the government’s responsibility to care for them. And their joint statement claims that President Bush has “promoted” budget cuts against the so-called “critical” support for low income women. I don’t even know what that means…promoted? And if low-income women have enough time to have unprotected sex and get abortions, they have enough time to get a second job.

In their world it's Bush’s fault that people are poor and it’s Bush’s fault that “women have no choice but to get abortions”. This statement does not even address any real issue, it just uses misleading and illogical arguments to make it seem like the Democratic Party is capable of accepting more than one view on abortion. Because Harry Reid has a more acceptable opinion on the issue and Hillary Clinton supports the inhumane and barbaric practice of late-term abortion. But as we all know, most people on the left are intolerant of those that support any limitations on the so-called right of women to kill growing babies. In fact, groups like MoveOn actively oppose any person who does not completely adhere to their ideology, which includes this issue. So, if the Dems can pretend the left is tolerant of opposing views and can unite to blame Bush, then they can make it seem like they are an actual coherent political party capable of leading. We need a real debate; not a phony statement by two political hacks.