Clinton Awarded for International Understanding

One of the worst presidents in history garnered another award yesterday; an award that honored his “international understanding.” Yes, you read correct, his understanding. Don’t ask me what that means because it is too far away from rational to be serious. Unfortunately however, it is serious and it only highlights the fact that we live in the Twilight Zone. Must I point out how much Bill Clinton did not understand nor care about the most important issues of our time? [Stopping and preventing terrorism] Yes, he did care about young interns and his self-image but is that really enough to earn an award? OK, I get it…he’s an incompetent pacifist that allowed North Korea to acquire nuclear weapons, because in his great understanding, he realized that if you just have faith in the word of dictators like Kim Jong-Il, everything works out just great. Also, his utter failure to recognize the seriousness of Al Qaeda after they attacked the United States on half a dozen occasions... that was great understanding. Look how well that worked out. Or perhaps they are awarding his knowledge of the law, specifically perjury. Maybe, just maybe, it’s a honoring of his lifetime achievements in the realm of politics; his unabashed lies mixed with the sickening display of pure political opportunism…yeah, that must be it.

Allow me to explain something to those unfamiliar with how the “world community” works. Whenever an award is given out by a group or an organization, especially a peace organization, using the phrase “international understanding” that means only one thing. Say it with me: Appeasement. What reality-based individuals call, “timidness at the expense of the nation”. When a leader, say for example, Bill Clinton refuses to act after an enemy kills Americans on many occasions... that represents “peace” in their minds. Peace, to these people [the world community] is measured by one thing; the use of the American military. To these types of people the barbarity of terrorism and dictatorship is very much acceptable but when the “evil” America uses force to stop the “peace” that is in actuality genocide…it’s unacceptable. What if I was to tell you that the head of the most corrupt organization on the planet was also given this exact same award? Well, it’s true. Kofi Annan, who was complicit in propping up Saddam Hussein and knew about the rape of the Iraqi poor by members of the UN, was also given the “International Understanding” award. Not only has he been given this but he was also given a Nobel Prize. Hey, look at it this way…all you have to do to win the peace prize is allow for genocide in Africa, steal money from the poor people of Iraq and allow the worst human rights violators to run the UN’s human rights organization.

This is about one thing and one thing only. Bashing America and supporting any counter-weight that aids in the bashing of American policy. Because while all of this terrorist sympathizing is going on…there is no room for freeing people is there? There is one similarity that is most often seen in the characteristic of the so-called peace or understanding awards. That characteristic is, of course, being anti-American. But being a terrorist appeaser/sympathizer is also smiled upon. Listen to the “great” words that the former president gave at the ceremony. "We should still have a preference for peace over war, a preference for cooperation over unilateralism, a preference for investing more to build a world with more partners and fewer terrorists." Wow! Hey, it’s not that these people are anti-American it’s that there are complete morons. Thanks Billy Boy I’m sure those profound and PHONY words mean a lot to the people who feel it necessary to bypass your utter failures to make a partisan and idiotic condemnation of the current administration. You know what this is? This is the real life version of the show The West Wing. Last Sunday, in the highly anticipated show, they had the Democratic candidate winning the presidential election. They couldn’t even bring themselves to face reality. In fact, in the show, which I watched, they had the electoral count reversed from the ’04 election. They had the Democrat win by the same electoral margin Bush won…it was sad. And that is basically what these phony awards are for…to make the “world community” feel better about themselves; Which is even sadder.