The Dead Haven’t the Luxury of Regret

Why won't these Iran sympathizers just admit that they would rather have them build nuclear weapons, pass it on to terrorists and have millions of people killed, then have the United States use air strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities?

That is what we are dealing with and this is very important to understand. A large number of people across the world have sided with Iran in order to have something to poke in the eye of America. Because they view Iran acquiring a nuclear bomb as a victory against what they ignorantly claim is American imperialism. Their blind hatred has led them to an existence that calls genocide peace, rape and torture acceptable, and a nuclear armed Iran a good thing. (Let me explain that because the left won’t get it.) Hussein was committing genocide but according to these people we were the bad guy that broke the peace-genocide is a peaceful world to them, especially when weighed against the US using military force to overthrow a regime; Which also makes rape and torture acceptable to them because they would rather have that continue then have the US intervene.

With that in mind it makes it easier to understand why so many people in Europe and America have come to defend Iran. We will hear them claim that Iran is only after peaceful nuclear technology for energy efficiency. They will do this because they must, given their disease, be against anything that they view as being the position of the Bush administration. And that is the key you have to remember. These people are willing to ignore the obvious quest of Iran to build nuclear weapons simply so they are not put in a position to be in agreement with President Bush (they will deny this). That is their motivation when they argue against US action or argue in favor of Iran building nuclear weapons. Of course, other people are just anti-war to the point in which they think that negotiation with groups like Al Qaeda is possible. This group of people is less threatening because their ignorance is obvious and their message is unambiguous. But those that are manipulated by anti-Americanism are the ones we have to keep in check. And remember, some of these people are members of the “world community”. The UN is filled with these people and they will work against our interests and endanger every American. Never buy into their so-called “diplomatic” measures. The UN has voted Iran to sit on the Disarmament Commission, and the UN places human rights violators on their Human Rights Council. This is a vast effort to undermine the United States and to elevate our enemies; to give them legitimacy. If you don’t keep your eyes open to this and if nothing is done, the dead bodies from the dirty bomb won’t have the luxury of regret. Oh, by the way, Iran has
vowed to pass on its nuclear technology; and it will be to terrorists…