Democrats Pander to Illegal Immigrants

The Democrats have hit a new low today. Like with their attempts to garner the ex-con vote they are now going after the pro-illegal immigrant vote as seen with this flyer found in Dallas at the immigration protest site. Quick Reference on the con vote: The Democrats have figured out that the majority of felons tend to vote their way politically and why wouldn’t they? If I were a criminal, especially a rapist, I would vote for liberals in a heartbeat. If I were a criminal, the more liberals I help to put into office means the less time I spend in jail. You might remember the Democrats complain after the 2004 presidential election in which President Bush demolished their candidate. Well, after they got done complaining about the election results on the news, they complained in the senate. In an attempt to discredit the election the Democrats came up with the Count Every Vote Act. The Act was designed to give, among other things, ex-cons the right to vote starting in the year 2006. It’s funny because they ignore middle-America and values voters to go after the vote of rapists and illegal immigrants…

On to the current issue of passing out flyers at these rallies; I suppose it is not surprising to see their party out in force recruiting at these events. When you think about it, it seems that these people and the Democrats have a lot in common. [picture] Or maybe the upside-down American flag brings back some memories for John Kerry. [picture] It’s amazing to me to see how far this party will go in their quest to regain power. What message are they trying to send to these protesters? Harry Reid recently killed the bill that was designed to strengthen the southern border and provide some regulation of illegal immigrants. And now the Democratic Party is passing out flyers to illegal aliens and Mexicans that say “make sure your voices are heard, vote Democrat.” Does that mean we can count on the democrats to refuse to secure the borders and to assure illegal aliens that if you vote Democratic, they will choose not to enforce our laws? I think that is why they are doing this. The democrats are once again selling out America for a short term political gain.

This has become a pattern for their party. Everything the democrats do is for political reasons and those reasons happen to hurt our country. Think about it. The Democrats want to satisfy their far-left owners so they oppose the Patriot Act, they oppose tracking terrorists, and they use people like Al Gore and others to slander the president. They whine about impeachment and our desperately trying to censure Mr. Bush. They out CIA secrets that endanger our country and they slandered Justice Roberts while they lie with every breath. If only mainstream Democrats knew what their party leaders represented…Remember to vote Republican in November. We are not going allow murderers and child molesters to vote and we are not going to allow the democrats to open our borders up to an all out flood of illegal aliens.