The Far-Left and Iran vs America

It has begun. As predicted, some on the far-left have taken sides in the debate over Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. It looks as if groups have already gathered to put pressure on the world community to allow Iran to gain Weapons of Mass Destruction. Code Pink has fabricated a petition that they hope their supporters will sign. They wrote a letter that was directed to Kofi Annan; The letter basically calls for the head of the UN to denounce the United States and to use diplomatic means to prevent the possible air strike. They claim war is illegal, the war in Iraq is illegal and blah, blah, blah, the same tired and false arguments that have already been disproved. Here is part of their letter; it shows their deranged mindset:

To the Honorable Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations

We are appalled that the United States is threatening a military strike against Iran, possibly using nuclear weapons. As you are well aware, a preventive strike is illegal under international law, and the threat to use nuclear weapons against Iran, a non-nuclear weapons state, is a violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that the United States has signed. A nuclear strike against Iran would undermine the entire legal framework of disarmament and non-proliferation that so many millions of people around the world, and the United Nations itself, have worked so hard to build and protect.

Let's go through this letter so we can clearly see what Code Pink and others represent. The introduction says a lot don’t you think? “The honorable Kofi Annan” is the way they describe the man that has allowed genocide in Africa, that was complicit in propping up Saddam Hussein, and who allowed for the UN to steal money from the Iraqi poor. He has also done nothing about the UN members that rape underage African girls and he allowed for the worst human rights violators to sit on the UN Human rights commission…Very honorable in the mind of the left. Next, they are “appalled” that the United States is considering military action. So, they are not appalled at Iran seeking nuclear weapons while threatening to wipe Israel off the map? It seems their outrage is directed at the wrong country…but that’s typical. Their next argument states that a pre-emptive strike on Iran is illegal. But that is false and the fact is Iran has assisted Al Qaeda by providing money and weapons that have been used to kill Americans and American soldiers. Meaning, this is not pre-emptive, this technically is retaliatory… Sorry Code Pinko. Their next statement claims that a threat to use nuclear weapons against Iran is a violation of the NNPT. First, Iran has not been threatened with nuclear weapons. Secondly, Iran declared itself a nuclear country. So, as you can see, their arguments are completely fallacious which only proves that their anti-American and anti-military nature has caused them, as usual, to side with our enemies. And, in March, I pointed out how this group was actually advocating Iran be allowed to get WMD because it is unfair that other countries have them [
story]. Pro-Iran and anti-America…it doesn’t get any clearer than that.

The “unfair” argument will be the most prevalent among people on the left. I have already begun to see it pop up in the debate, especially at liberal websites. Watch for this, the argument will be: “If we [the United States] have nuclear weapons, why can’t Iran have them?” And make no mistake; some of these people actually feel it is a reasonable way to justify Iran getting the bomb. I have little doubt that some people in this country will start spewing this ridiculous line of reasoning and will once again prove their bias against the U.S and their support for our enemies. They just can’t help themselves. By the way, the MSM will also start taking sides in this issue and believe me when I say they will not be on our side.