Hannity was Threatened by McKinney Supporter

A Cynthia McKinney supporter threatened Sean Hannity a few minutes ago with what seemed like physical violence. This happened on the Fox News show Hannity & Colmes. After the supporter claimed that McKinney was a victim of racism [shocker huh] he went on to say that he wished Sean was there so they could meet one on one. His disdain was quite evident. It was an obvious threat and when put out, Sean Hannity said, “Why, what are going to do.” The supporter then went on to threaten Sean again and when he realized he was on national TV he started to slowly back off saying, that if Sean was there Cynthia McKinney would run circles around him. Details to Come on this…

...Update, 8:40pm
I sent an email to ETL and thankfully he posted the video.

Hashim Nzinga was the supporter of Cynthia McKinney and this is what he had to say to Sean Hannity. “You better not ever run. I can’t wait ‘till I get to New York. Me and you need to be one and one [laughs cynically]." In this same interview Hashim claimed that Bush has targeted McKinney…for what I don’t know. I guess it’s all Bush’s fault again. “The woman is targeted by Bush and all the way down in Washington…she’s targeted and she’s striking out.” [Yeah, literally striking officers] Also, notice how the liberal Alan Colmes makes excuses and defends McKinney's actions.
WMV or MP4 video of incident via ETL