Iran Calls on their U.S. Brothers

A Message From Inside Iran:

"I'm from Iran and let me tel you unfortunately many people here wish their U.S. brothers come to Iran the soonest possible. They think the U.S. will employ ground forces and I'm sure they're all wrong. I think the best way to get rid of this savaged regime and it's foolish Mullas is to strike them with Smart bombs. Then they would have no cabability to respond.

On the other hand, do you know why the regime insist on enriching uranium? Many poeple here in Iran think that the regiem itself wants an attack against Iran in order to blame the U.S. or any coalliton forces for their faliure to make jobs, promot the economy, social problems and etc. And I do believe they're right.

This fucking regime is very clever, don't understimate them. They're very good at propaganda. Last week, there was a program at the BBC World entitled, "Doha Debate", runned by Jim Sepastian. The topic was how many people are against Iran with nuclear power and how many are in it! You can't believe that the majority of participants agreed Iran to have nuclear power cababilities. They argued that Iran just has a civil purpose. I just mentioned this story to inform you that Iranian regime is working on the minds of poeple. So hurry up.

I can't write my name cos everything here in Iran is monitered by the regime. I'm sorry. But I'll try to inform my American friends about what the hell is going on here in Tehran. BTW, I forget to tell you that at least 70% of Iranians are Pro-Americans."

--This message was left with no name in my comment section this morning and I know it comes from the Islamic Republic of Iran. My stat counter picked it up but I will not provide any information because it could possibly endanger the person who left the comment.--