Iran Military: Testing the Waters

Who will strike first, us or them? Iran has been using war games since Friday to prepare for the almost inevitable U.S. led Air Strike on Iran. They recently tested what they claim to be the fastest underwater missile in the world. This missile and the potential warheads are designed to sink or destroy huge naval vessels including submarines. The underwater missile is said to travel at the speed of 223 miles per hour giving it an inescapable quality. The weapon is also said to be undetectable by sonar making it a significant threat to US Warships in the area. This test comes right after Iran tested a missile that has the claimed capability of ducking radar and striking multiple targets.

I suppose this recent activity conducted by Iran can be construed one of two ways or perhaps both equally. Iran is simply using these tests in a saber-rattling attempt to give the already weak and timid members of NATO something to think about in the war-planning process. Or it can be seen as the precursor to the air strikes that are likely to happen given that they have been adamant in their quest to develop nuclear weapons. I think that Iran is using these tests to scare countries like France and the UK into backing out of any plan they have to use military force. They are not doing it to scare the United States because that’s not going to happen; we are not going to allow them to develop nuclear weapons. In fact all this test does in terms of a U.S. response is give away some of the weaponry that would have been better served for Iran if they kept it secret. Iran has now painted a big red target on their naval capability. I also think that they are preparing for military action because they have no intention of giving up their nuclear enrichment activity.

We will see what happens when it gets down to crunch time. Frankly, I plan on the Democrats to do the same thing they did with the war in Iraq. They will support military action in the beginning but when it gets bloody they will start lying and start pretending that they were tricked into going to war. Currently we are seeing many Democratic leaders saying that Iran must not be allowed to acquire Weapons of Mass Destruction [Sound familiar?]. They have all been unified in their concerns and willingness to use the military option if necessary, which at this time is necessary given their vow not to stop their WMD program. But, like with Iraq, when there is a chance to score political points they will, once again, betray their country in an attempt to gain power. We will also see if the left stays true to their hypocritical form by demonizing Bush or the Republicans for striking that country. We have all heard the left support military action against Iran by claiming it should have been the country that America attacked after Afghanistan. They constantly say that Iran had more terrorists connections than Saddam Hussein and who can forget their overused phrase, “why Iraq, why not Iran or North Korea.” That phrase will provide me the opportunity to shove their own words down their throats when the air strikes begin and they start claiming that George Bush is a warmonger and striking Iran is wrong. As we know, the “why not Iran" phrase doesn’t really mean that they would have supported a war; its just a way for them to pretend they would have supported military action in that case so they can position themselves as being strong on defense and legitimize their anti-war and anti-American rhetoric.