To The Fellow American

In the gray world where the necessary evils reign, life hangs in the balance. Freedom itself, when at risk, will circumvent the limitations that its enemy refuses to live by. Those limitations, the restraint so aptly prided, must be drawn down for survival. And make no mistake, victory depends on it. One can flinch at the necessity of tactical warfare or one can accept reality in hopes that after the bloodshed our values will become stronger. Naïve ideals give us strength but at the same time they have the potential to cause great harm; because from the winds of the cloud suffering and death will be found. The freedom, as I know it, will stop at nothing to prevent that occurrence. Although, you might disagree, deep down I think you understand. When serious situations become deadly remember that we are one despite the intolerance and misguided philosophies. And remember, there is a fine line between dissent and treachery.

-Opinionnation, Anthony Tafoya-